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What Is Plywood?

This is the third of several articles designed to help homeowners decipher roofing lingo. It is our hope that these articles will help you make sense of,  and feel comfortable with the process of re-roofing your home or getting your roof repaired. It is very important to our company that you throughly understand the process and terminology of roofing so you can make the best decision for your home and family.

Our last article discussed oriented strand board (OSB). OSB is a material that is commonly used in sheathing roofs.  OSB is not the only option for sheathing a roof.


I know this cartoon has nothing to do with roofing but I had to stick it in here. I know this roofing stuff can be pretty boring.  Are you with me now? Good!

As I was saying, another commonly used material for sheathing is plywood.  Plywood is  made of very thin sheets (rather than the small strips used in OSB production) of wood that  are layered and then glued together.  The wood grain of each layer is pointed in alternating directions and there are usually an odd number of layers .  This process gives plywood its strength and helps it resist warping.

So what material is best for sheathing a roof? OSB or plywood? Unfortunately there is no easy answer to that question. Many roofers have strong opinions about which material is best for sheathing. Our advice is to consult a licensed roofer.  A licensed roofer should be able to tell you which type of sheathing is best for your project.

Commercial Roofing Palm Beach completely professional roofing contractors

We are mortal and our surroundings too are mortal. Roofs are too mortal, which needs repair from time to time. Their inherited importance can not be ignored as they provide us shelter. They save us from adversities of the atmosphere. They even save us from natural disasters like hurricanes and windy storms.

Even though we know every thing around us is mortal, still we want a permanent house to dwell and intend to maintain the permanent beauty of the house till we are alive or our successors are alive. When you are living in countries like USA where tornadoes and cyclones are very common, you do need an experienced roofing contractors. There are many states that are affected by these natural disasters, of them Florida is the most affected one, So if you need permanency in the house where you reside or save your business by being ruined by such natural calamities, then no doubt you can have a fine option of selecting Commercial Roofing South Florida. Our desire is to give you the best because you deserve the best.

If the roof is not well shaped then the house would look worst. By selectingCommercial Roofing Palm Beach, You can save your self from all the worst weather in near future and even after that. Every body has limited resources and budget. In your life you have so many responsibilities to complete. So when you are completing those responsibilities then fiscal problems occur and you have to set the priorities according to the available budget. We do comprehend that it’s too difficult to take the decision of changing your roof. Even it disturbs your daily routine activities. Like if you have to go to office and you are residing in the same house or you have to attend the urgent business meeting in that case you can not take the risk of leaving the meeting. We assure you, your worries will be over and your responsibilities would be taken by us. We would love to honor your trust and give you perfect services.

These days every body is busy in his work, so it’s better to give your roofing services to a Commercial Roofing South FloridaContractor, who knows each and every thing about roofing rather than leaving your work and paying attention towards roofing designs and labor issues. You just have to tell us your need and we would do our utmost to fulfill the wish in your budget.

Searching on internet and comparing the services of different contractors available in Miami is not a hard job now. Its better you talk to the person online or get the previous records of their work online. Customer’s testimonials and then checking the authenticity of those testimonials would be a great option. Commercial Roofing Palm Beach would offer you the services, which you would never like to miss and we assure you, you would also write a testimonial for us.

Abou Roofing Contractors in Austin TX

Dimensional Roofing is a top rated company which provides service to Southwest United States. The company uses highest quality of material and it has experienced craftsmen. Main aim of the company is to provide customer satisfaction and they provide absolute efficiency for ultimate satisfaction. Dimensional Roofing is the best Austin Roofers and they provide services like infrared roofing inspection, residential roofing, commercial roofing and insurance claims. In infrared roofing inspections they do non-invasive leak detection with visible documentation.  In residential roofing they do repairs, installation and leak detection. There commercial roofing is factory certified and they are commercial roofing experts.
Commercial roofers Austin can handle both small and large projects as there crew has vast experience. Dimensional roofers install the following types of systems and the first type is single ply which includes TPO, PVC, EPDM, Fibretite. Second type is Modified Bitumen which includes torch-down and cold applied. Third type is metal roofs which includes standing seam, stone coated tile, metal tile, metal shingle. Fourth type is concrete and clay tile, fifth type is composition shingle, sixth type is coatings and seventh type is retrofits.
Residential roofers Austin come with different models as options. The first option they offer is Dimensional standard this is the baseline package offered by the company and it includes the accessories that meet the Dimensional standards. Second option offered by the company is Dimensional Pro Shield this package is leak fighter as it includes high grade storm shield at all high risk areas and powerful active ventilation. Third option offered by the company is Dimensional Pro Watt this package is company’s green roof as it includes high grade solar powered on the market as well as heat stopping radiant barrier custom selected just right for customer’s home. Fourth option is Dimensional Executive Elite this dynamic roof option is Dimensional Roofing’s flagship system, complete with the highest grade of material.
Infrared inspections provide a visual qualification of damaged areas of a flat roof. Company’s professional infrared testing substantially reduces a customer’s roof repair and replacement costs by targeting water damaged roof areas, identifying sound roof sections for conservation, locating small concentrations of moisture before it causes serious damage, prevent costly roof replacements that are not officially warranted, providing independent, objective information about the actual condition of your roof system to help you take sound decisions based on facts and not opinions, prolong the life of your roof with effective routine maintenance.

Polyurethane Foam Roofing – Top Insulation and Waterproofing Qualities

Polyurethane Foam in Kelowna provides a number of excellent rewards when comparing other roofing choices. Your insurance coverage involving this sort of roofing can be smooth, since polyurethane foam can be purchased in fluid style to start with, and then sprayed smoothly being a individual, constant membrane which safeguards the complete ceiling. You can find zero important joints or seams which could broaden to be able to result in escapes like in other roofing resources. Polyurethane foam is also accommodating, it may be fitted in practically any kind of area; perhaps homes together with protrusions in addition to infrequent patterns may be included in polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane Foam in Kelowna is also incredibly light; it generally simply weighs close to 50 fat per square foot, compared to 900 fat for the built-up roofing system in addition to a minimum of 100 fat for all ballasted single-ply membrane homes. Polyurethane foam likewise provides excellent padding so it will also help keep warm absent during warm months in addition to warm inside during frosty months. This sort of roofing is also a breeze to keep up, there exists very little throw away developed during it is use, sufficient reason for suitable maintenance, can certainly last indefinitely.

Your insulating qualities involving polyurethane foam roofing are generally matchless. With regard to a real skinny material, it may give satisfactory thermal weight like zero other roofing choice. For each and every 1 inches involving polyurethane foam roofing, the actual R-value can be scored in 7. 18. It will help spend less approximately 30% of one’s expenses regarding each a / c in addition to heating.

Using these exams for your home fireproof safe and sound, it could actually explode. This informative article notifys you how to examination a fireproof home safe and sound to determine in the event that it meets the actual expectations regarding flames resilient rankings founded by the Spray Applied Fireproofing Kelowna. Must be treated that i utilize term fireproof interchangeably together with flames resilient, officially they may be not necessarily interchangeable. My partner and i likewise advocate you don’t truly accomplish this in the home. It can be simply too high-priced in addition to risky.

You will want a minimum of a couple of the same home Spray Applied Fireproofing Kelowna. You will want another fireproof home safe and sound if you wish to accomplish the actual surge examination on its own.

Decide on several paperwork useful for just a examination. Be sure it really is something you could sacrifice nevertheless avoid clear report normally you may not learn in the event that can be legible or not necessarily. We have contemplated making use of my BS amount in electric powered architectural. My partner and i haven’t used it for decades. For anyone who is testing a press safe and sound, then you can wish several Cds that you simply got regarding Xmas in addition to dislike. Get a flash drive in addition to memory space stay likewise.

Embossed Tin Shingles

Embossed tin shingles are a gem from our architectural past. If you are fortunate to own a residence built after the Civil War and before the depression, your roof may exhibit designs on shingles, such as shown below.

In 1902, Cortright Metal Roofing, located in Philadelphia and Chicago, advertised the benefits of stamped shingles as follows: “…designed to avoid the heaviness, the expense and fragility of slate roofs; to avoid the lack of wearing qualities in the wood shingle, and provide a substitute for the ‘buckling’, rattling and expensive economy of the tin roof and to increase the beauty of a roof.”

 Reasons for their popularity

The shingles weighed less than slate: Slate roofs suggested prestige and wealth, but structures had to be strong to hold them. With the lighter pieces of metal, stamped in order to strengthen the metal, embossed tin shingles positioned themselves as an alternative to slates

Metal roofing, such as these shingles, protected homes against fires: After the Civil War, in many towns, there was a movement to replace the wooden shakes. Home insurance usually cost less with a metal roof.

To compete with the standing seam tin roofing, the embossed tin shingle manufacturers appealed to the desire to be known as the wealthy family in the town. An expanse of beautifully design shingles dominated the impact of these fortunate homes, hopefully over shadowing the more common roofing in the area.

And the “yuppies” of that period listened.

What happen to this roofing style?

During the first 20 years or so, numerous unique designs appeared. This photo illustrates a flamboyant style.

By the turn of the century, the Victorian-influenced homeowners settled on a few choices, such as shingle illustrated below:

One of the leading manufacturers discontinued seven styles, leaving only two available for customers to choose from.

By the 1930s, the less expensive asphalt shingles and the higher cost of tradespeople impacted the installation of new embossed tin shingles. With World War II anticipated, all metal was diverted to the war effort. A roofing era ended.

Fortunately, for those who value our past heritage, some of these roofs still exist, often in good condition.  If a finish is maintained on the shingles, the metal will be protected.  For maintenance and care of embossed tin shingles, visit this website

Slate Slabs for a Wonderful Slate Roofing

Things that are around us by default are taken as granted and the same goes with the roofing of a house. Have you ever thought that what goes in for making a unique, strong and wonderful roof. Although there are many modern material but the slate roofing is wonderful in terms of its durability, water resistance and protection from Sunlight.


Roof of any house has three main purposes. Number one being the shelter. It protects individuals from Sunlight, rain, storm and other such natural ailments. Secondly roof is meant for insulation. Roof cuts down the exchange of heat and cold of house with the exterior world. This in turn helps the individuals to live more healthy life as they will not fall sick so often. In modern roofing special techniques of insulation are provided and for this paper, foam, plastic and other such materials are used. Roof also serves the architectural purpose of house or building.

Coming to the material for roofing then slate slab or slate tiles are the remarkable choice as these are very durable and look so elegant. Most of the old buildings like churches and monuments has used the slate stone for roofing and other purposes and till date these are intact without much damage. Some of these are even five and more century old. At the same time slate is an eco friendly option as this is a natural stone and does not cause any harm to the environment.

Advantages of Slate Slabs

It is a very tough stone that is durable than any other available stone. It lasts for centuries and good in every kind of environment.

Slate also has a very distinctive appeal as it has different texture and color. The look for slate stone is different from different angles as the surface reflects Sunlight differently.

There different but very beautiful colors available in slate stone. You can get slate slab and tiles from pink, gray, black, red to green, golden and more. So you can give your home a style with the slate slabs.

If the slate stone is installed properly and professionally then the roof is 100% water-resistant and leak free.

Slate is a non-combustible stone that is makes it perfect for roofing. Also the extreme heat does not cause any harm to the slate roof.

This roof does not need any grand scale maintenance.

The Reason to Trust a Roofer or Roofing Company to Perform the Job

The roofing plays a key function in securing your Boise house from climatic factors like wind, radiation, and rain. It is important to manage it regularly to avoid little deterioration from building up into a headache for your household. Postponing maintenance tends to make your residence more susceptible to problems, bringing about larger maintenance expenses.

The roofing of your property is resilient, however it can still become weak, especially with the accumulation of years. There will come a time when your roof will need to be mended, or even replaced. When that comes about, a lot of property owners attempt to deal with their own roofing, unmindful of the hazards that they may confront. It is usually safer to find professional aid, especially in essential things such as roofing upkeep.

Do-it-yourself roofing improvements entail particular dangers. The roof’s location makes it tougher to take care of it. If you attempt to take care of your roofing without the help of a pro, you may get seriously hurt. The roofing may also sustain even more deterioration than before. The repercussion of these circumstances is that you could end up with additional costs. Not only do you have to deal with your damage, but you still have to pay to have your roofing repaired, even after all your problems.

Roofing upkeep is an important and rather risky job, which is the reason you ought to just allow capable contractors handle it with appropriate devices and enough expertise and knowledge. You should search for reliable Boise roof corporations. In fact, it is best if you already have contact details of roofing companies even before you require them, just in case something happens to your roofing.

You can start looking for responsible Boise roofing professionals by inquiring with your relatives and friends if they know any roofing company. You can also use the Net to do your investigation. It is advisable to check with the Better Business Bureau to find out which companies have superior data.

Explore the qualifications of potential businesses. Be conscious of the length of time they have been in the business, and go through testimonials. Find out if there have been any displeased clients, or if they got a large amount of complaints before. Understand that responsible Boise roofers ought to be approved or certified; the experts need to be licensed.

It is best to look for various roof corporations so you can match up service fees. If the roofers Boise Idaho businesses employ present no cost rates, then all the better for you. You can ask promising service provider for price quotes, and you can pick the one that you deem appropriate for your necessities and price range. To learn more concerning getting excellent roofing companies, you can read

Roll Roofing Installation and Information

Roll Roofing Installation and InformationRoll Roofing Materials & Qualities
by Roof101 – Roll roofing is composition sheet roofing that is manufactured in rolls, and laid on a roof in overlapping strips. Roll roofing materials can be applied as most forms of sheathing, including underlayment and shingling, due to its availability in a wide range of materials. Some roll roofing materials include asphalt, asphalt saturated organic felt (which can be standard or specification felt), SBS modified, re-enforced fiber-glass, granulated roll roofing, and more. Often materials are mixed in order to enhance roll roofing performance and durability qualities. Some of these considerations comprise flexibility, water absorption, tear resistance, adhesion, thermal stability, and slip resistance. Asphalt roll roofing is the most commonly used roll roofing material, yet is suitable to steep roofing applications. Fiberglass roll roofing is appropriate for low sloped roll roofing applications, while modified bitumen is used on almost all roofing types.

Roll Roofing Installation Services & Benefits
Roll roofing can be most beneficial with regards to time and money, as roll roofing installation is simpler and quicker than other roofing installation methods. This is because the roll roofing material can be bought and cut according to the required sizes, and installed by simply rolling out the material onto the roofing surface. However, installing roll roofing should be executed only by a professional roofer, as if done incorrectly, the roof may not be fully waterproofed. At Roof101 , we provide specialist roofing contractors to install roll roofing for both residential and commercial accounts. We offer all kinds of roll roofing materials and products, and roll roofing installation can be done in almost any color according to your roofing style. For all roll roofing installation services at affordable rates, call or write online to Roof 101 today.

by Roof101

Roofing Tips – Understanding the 3 Types of Asphalt Shingles

The roof is one of the most important parts of a house. It is the first line of defense against a myriad of elements that beat out siding and windows. Because an improperly installed roof can be detrimental to a structure, familiarizing yourself with your roofing options is important before starting work on any project. In this post, we will be looking at the three main types of asphalt shingles you have to choose from.

Three-tab organic

Simply put, this is the standard option. It is available in three foot strip showing 3 tabs. These shingles have a lifespan of 20 years in most areas though it is not uncommon for them to last for up to 30 years. The shingles are made up of thin fiber sheet which are made from wood and/or paper composite. The sheet is immersed in soft asphalt cement and run through a roller to form the roofing (dakwerken) shingle. It is then recoated with heavier asphalt. Ceramic granule coating is added to add strength.

Three-tab fiberglass

This is almost identical to the three-tab organic only that it uses fiberglass matt in place of the wood/ paper foundation. Fiberglass matt doesn’t take up a lot of asphalt during pressing and roller processes. As a result, the material is lighter and much easier to install. It further offers more protection against tear. However, roof renovation (dakrenovatie) is common when three-tab fiberglass is used in areas with high winds. The material easily rips off. Additionally, since these shingles don’t have a lot of asphalt, they get brittle over time.

Architectural shingles

Often times, these materials are referred to as laminated shingles. During manufacturing, two layers of shingles are used. The material is hence heavier and less susceptible to high winds. They can withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour. These roofing shingles further give a three-dimensional wood shingle appearance to a structure thereby increasing curb appeal.

Your choice of any of the three roofing options will depend on where you live, your budget and the impression you wish to create. Make sure you hire a great installer to help with the project.

With over two decades of experience as a roofing company, Dakwerken Apers is one of the best companies you can contact for your roofing and roof renovation needs. The company has an impressive arsenal of roofing equipment and works with an experienced team of contractors to help with any project may it be roof installation or roof renovation in Antwerpen.

Replace All Silicone Sealants with One Revolutionary Sealant

Stubborn leaks are the bane of homeowners. If you have tried every possible product to seal holes and prevent leaks to no avail, it maybe high time to try a different bread of sealant that can patch up holes and leaks in different parts of your home. The CT1 sealant is taking the market by storm because of its unique hybrid polymer formulation that eliminates solvents within its make-up. This means the sealant will never shrink and therefore effectively seal damages for longer.

If you are in the market for an efficient sealant for your leaking roof and piping, this hybrid polymer sealant is worth a try. What makes the CT1 such an effective roofing and piping remedy? It all boils down to the causes of leakages and the inefficiency of some products to fix them.

Leaks often plague roofs and plumbing systems because of the inevitable movement in their lead flashing where the roofing adhesive has failed. Corroded nails in the shingles, especially in old roofs, as well as developing cracks can also be major causes of leaking roofs. Instead of replacing your entire roof altogether, the initial remedy to rectify the problem is applying some form of sealant to the damage. Conventional types of sealants are either bitumen or silicone-based. While they work temporarily, these types of roof sealants may not be as effective in the long term for the following reasons:
•    The solvent in silicone roof sealants eventually evaporates, resulting in its shrinkage. This will lead to continued leaking when shrinkage reaches the damage. Silicone sealants are therefore merely a temporary solution to your leaking roof.

•    Exposure to the elements also hardens silicone roof sealants. It can also develop cracks, which make the roof leak again.

•    Likewise, bitumen roof sealants are subject to the same draw backs but in respect to extreme cracking and hardening.

The CT1 sealant circumvents these disadvantages and failings because it does not have any solvent in its make-up, thus preventing the substance from shrinking. It seals and creates and a formidable bond between different types of materials, whether it be lead, wood, roof felt, tile, plastics, and many other kinds of construction implements. This hybrid polymer solvent can also be applied onto wet surfaces, which is an ideal feature when tackling leaking roofs and plumbing systems. It offers extreme resistance to adverse elements and has excellent bonding properties.

silicone sealants, plastic bonding adhesive, best bathroom sealant.

Ladder Injuries, Accidental Fall Statistics Among Reasons Not to Try DIY Roofing

When Popular Mechanics’ “expert DIY guy” lists roofing as one of the top five “don’t do-it-yourself projects,” it’s worth noting. And when “Ask the Builder’s” nationally syndicated newspaper columnist (and DIY enthusiast) Tim Carter joins suit in talking homeowners down from the roof, it’s time to put away the ladder and pick up the phone.

Relying on a reputable, professional roofing company to install your new roof or just tackle your roof repairs is the best decision to save you time, hassle and the potential added expense if DIY repairs result in leaks. Most importantly, leaving roofing jobs to the pros saves you the very real risk of serious injuries, and even death.

Ladder Injuries

According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, about 165,000 Americans require medical treatment for ladder-related injuries each year. Based on a 1990-2005 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, that number is escalating. During the course of the study, from beginning to end, the number of reported cases in which Americans were hurt in incidents involving ladders climbed by more than 50 percent.

Other ladder-injury findings from the study:

  • More than 2.1 million people sought emergency treatment in the United States for ladder-related injuries.
  • Of those injuries, almost 10 percent resulted in hospitalization or transfer to another hospital.
  • The most frequently reported injuries were fractures.
  • In cases in which the location where the injury took place was recorded, 97 percent happened at home.
  • In nearly 77 percent of the cases, the injured party was male.

Accidental Fall Statistics

Roofing jobs, of course, require lots of time up and down ladders. Even if you’re fortunate enough to avoid a ladder-related injury, a fall from the roof itself can happen.

According to the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Falls were the leading cause of nonfatal, medically treated injuries in the U.S. every single year from 1997 through 2007.
  • The majority of reported falls occurred in or around the home.
  • Falls were the cause of 38 percent of nonfatal, medically treated injuries in 2007.
  • From 1997 to 2007, 71 percent of fall-related injuries resulted in at least a trip to a doctor’s office or clinic.
  • Of that 71 percent, 56 percent were serious enough to necessitate a visit to an emergency room or the use of an emergency vehicle.
  • Between 2004 and 2007, accidental falls accounted for almost 25 percent of all reported fractures.

Mortality Rates

The risk of serious injury in a fall increases, of course, as the height off the ground increases. Falls during roofing jobs can be catastrophic, disabling people for life, or even ending lives.

Here are some sobering statistics to encourage you to think twice before making that climb to your roof:

  • The Home Safety Council says that falls are “by far the leading cause of home injury deaths.”
  • Accidental falls killed 20,823 people in 2006, according to the CDC. That’s more people than the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena seats.
  • A 2009 article from the Mayo Clinic listing men’s top 10 health threats names falls as one of the leading causes of fatal accidents.

Risking injury or death taking on roofing jobs in the hot Florida sun simply isn’t worth it. Save time, save your body, save your sanity and make sure the job is done right by putting your trust in a company that has earned the praise of Florida homeowners and business owners with:

  • Top quality products and installation
  • Friendly, professional service
  • Seasoned, certified tradesmen
  • Licensed, bonded, insured
  • Warrantied materials
  • Affordable prices
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Member of the National Roofing Contractors Association

Call Hercules Roofing at 561-955-9889 or email them to arrange your free estimate. For coverage areas and more information about Hercules’ unbeatable products and services, click here.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Roofing Expert

When roofing surface needs repairing these professionals without wasting single minute get on to work and they spare no effort in completing the task without exceeding the deadline. The falling down condition of the roof amply tells the story of its gradual decline and if required remedial measures are not adopted then soon the roof will fall apart thereby disturbing the complete structural integrity of the house.

While repairing or replacing the roofing surface often roofers ask homeowners to collect roofing tiles and asphalt ahead of initiation so that without wasting time they can complete the job. Often they entirely change the surface like changing the asphalt surface with that of metal to make the roof more study and durable. Therefore, whether it is roof leaking repair or something else you have to hire the service of talented professionals otherwise instead of solving the issue you will maximize it to a large extent. You may overlook initially but roofing repair is compulsory.

Shingle roofs are deemed most effortless to repair. All you have to spot the leaking fissure or the missing asphalt and then replace or restore it as early as possible. The leaking shingles may remain hidden or concealed like where two surfaces meet at flashing or caulking edges. If you happen to see curled shingle, you can make use of asphalt roof cement along with caulking gun and fix the damage quite effortlessly. You must not forget that shingles are extremely delicate and vulnerable so they must have to be softened right before they are flattened out. With propane torch, you can soften the shingle but be careful the shingle must not catch fire.

Today metal roofs are taking market by storm as they come up with more than one advantage. They are enduring and last hundreds of years if only they are maintained properly and the little fissures are not ignored. When the weather condition is harshest among all, you have to have alert eye towards it as the roofing surface may undergo whips and slashes. Although the roof will look visually, tempting but leakage will develop at varying corner mostly alongside the edges of flashing.

In order to keep the sophisticated appearance of your house you need to check the roof at every two to three years intermission. However inspecting metal roofs is hazardous as they are not skid resistant so falls and skids are probable to take place. In order to thwart accident it is better to hire the professionals. While talking about professionals it is profitable to employ the services of Johnson Roofing Orlando Inc. They are the licensed roofing contractor.

Tips for Hiring the Reliable Roof Restoration Service Providers in Melbourne

There are many different types of structures that need sturdy roofs. New structures and buildings require roofs that meet local codes. Existing roofs, however, often need repair work. Roof contractor Melbourne companies are used for these projects. Vic-Wide Roofcare is one of the best companies that provide roof repair Melbourne services. They can assist you with residential and commercial structures that require restoration.

Vic-Wide Roofcare is one of the roofing contractor Melbourne companies. It does more that provide services to repair roofs. This company offers expertise in the area of roof plumbing and roof tiling. These processes are done to not only improve the appearance of a roof. They are methods to help roofs to last a long time. There are a number of tips related to hiring a reliable roof repair Melbourne Company. Let’s take a look at some of these useful tips.

Contractor’s Reputation

Before you hire a contractor to do your roof work, it is important to know their reputation. There are a few simple ways to find this information out. The internet is a good place to start. Company websites for contractors often have review pages. These can be used to see what previous customers thought of the service. You can use the internet to find out if a contractor is certified to do the work that they do. This should make a difference in whether you hire them or not.
Services Offered

You will need to find a contractor that provides the services that you need. Vic-Wide Roofcare offers essential roof contractor Melbourne services. Tiling services are sometimes required for specific roofs. Customers that need roof repairs must find a company that can make these repairs. Many home and business owners want services to improve the look and display of their structures. Cleaning services are a part of this process, as well.

Restoration Costs

One of the most important things to consider for these projects is the cost. The cost for restoration may depend on a few things. The size of the roof is one of these factors. The state of the roof is another consideration. Consulting with a contractor before hiring them is a good way to prepare for your restoration project.

You can hire Vic-Wide to perform all of your roofing repairs. Cracks, broken tiles and other things may cause problems with roofs. This is true whether we’re talking about homes or businesses. It is important to have professionals at work on your roof. This company is a fantastic roof restoration Melbourne location.

Getting a New Roof? Weigh Up your Roofing Material Options First

When it comes time to replace your old roof – or have one put onto a new construction – you have a number of different roofing materials to choose from. It pays to do a little research here before you make your choice as certain roofing materials are more suited to certain situations than others. Here is my guide to some of the most commonly used roofing materials.


Asphalt Shingle Roofing

This is, by far, the most commonly used and most economical roofing choice nationwide. In many cases it can be half the cost of other options and that fact alone can be the deciding factor for many people. When it comes to appearance asphalt shingle roofing is not always the most aesthetically pleasing but it is tough, durable and should last for years if properly installed.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is especially good for homes that are located in areas that experience heavy snowfall.

There are several different types of metal roofing to choose from. Standard metal roofing comes in large sheets that attach to the decking of your roof but metal roof tiles and metal roof shingles are also gaining in popularity, although they do tend to be considerably more expensive than metal roofing panels.

Whatever form of metal roofing you choose it is tough enough to last for decades and many homeowner’s insurance companies will actually give you a discount on your policy for having such a roof because of the extra safety metal-topped houses carry. The appearance of a metal roof is not to everyone’s taste but it is an option well worth considering.

Tile Roofing Materials

Tile roofs are often the most attractive, yet also most expensive, option available to homeowners having a new roof installed. Traditional tile roofing, which is generally an attractive burnt orange in color, is a great favorite of the southwest; its appearance is unique, but its performance may be an even bigger draw for many homeowners as it can last for up to 70 years.

In areas where hurricanes, tornados, hailstorms or heavy snow and ice accumulations are an issue though a tile roof is probably not the best choice as the potential for damage, both to the roof and your home from falling roof tiles, is rather great.

If you are considering replacing an old roof with a tiled roof it is also important that your roofer ensures that the structure of your home itself can handle all the extra weight that a tile roof will add or the results could be disastrous to say the very least.

Other Roofing Material Options

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are more expensive than their asphalt cousins but are undoubtedly more attractive. As long as they are well maintained and resealed every few years they should also last just as long.

Concrete Shingles

Concrete shingles have risen to premier roofing status in the past few years.Why? Because they are virtually indestructible and come in a wide range of attractive shapes and sizes. Yes, concrete roofing is an expensive option but it is also probably the last roof you will ever need to buy.

CVH Roofing

Ultimate Roof Cheat Sheet By admin | Published: January 22, 2010 <!– .entry-meta –>01 Deck
Sheathing or roof deck usually consists of wood materials like plywood or OSB that is nailed to the roof truss. The deck is your roof’s foundation; a solid roof starts with a solid deck. Any part of the deck that is rotten or warped must be replaced. It is important that only proper cured lumber be used for sheathing as otherwise the roof material may buckle or pull away as the wood dries.

02 Underlayment
Roofing underlayment is used on pitched roof as a second layer of protection (most against the elements while shingles are installed) or for added protection if shingle blow-offs are experienced. When the roof is completed the underlayment can shorten your roof’s life. Felt paper (tar paper) is used as underlay due to its low cost and water resistant properties. There are 3 major issues that tar paper can present. First, it is susceptible to lifting due to heat, causing waves in the roof (this is commonly fixed by removing some shingles and slashing the paper, rendering is useless). Second, it is not breathable. Therefore, it can actually case damage to the roof deck (such as rot) and add heat to the underside of the shingle. Lastly, it tears easily. Since there are at least 130 nails per sheet of ply (4’x8′ decking), you can imagine water will easily get through no problem (ice and water membrane seals nails that pass through it, tar paper just tears).

At CVH Roofing, we do not use tar paper; we use only synthetic underlay. Synthetic roof underlayments serve the same function as a secondary weather barrier with better resistance to tearing, moisture, ultraviolet rays, and are fully breathable. Synthetics are typically polypropylene, polyester, or fiberglass fabric.

03 Eave Protection
Think “eaves trough”. It’s where your roof starts at the bottom, which is also one of the most crucial spots. Considerable damage can be caused to the eaves as a result of ice build-up during winter freeze/thaw cycles. Ice and water, leak barrier, eave guard, and etc all refer to at least 2 feet of special water resistant material that protects your eaves area and valleys. This material ranges in price from $50 to over $100 a roll, which speaks to the different quality of material that can be placed on your roof. Roofers might even replace felt paper for ice and water on unknowing homeowners.

04 Eave Edge Treatment
A drip edge is a piece of metal that is nailed at the bottom of the roof edge (or eaves) to facilitate proper water drainage. The metal drip edge should be positioned under the eaves protection membrane at the eaves edge. It allows for the water to drain into gutters or cleanly off of the roof rather than running down the roof edge and down the fascia, which will eventually lead to rot. The drip edge is one of the first things attached to the roof and should be installed underneath the roofing felt with about ¾ inch of overhang extending past the fascia and hanging just over the gutters. A drip edge can range in materials and thickness, but typically a roof drip edge is most commonly made from galvanized metal or aluminum.

05 Shingles
In order to get the maximum performance out of your shingles, all other roof components must be carefully chosen and properly installed; however, the shingles themselves will determine the longevity of your roof. Shingles start from 25-year 3-tab choices to lifetime warranties. It is very important to compare the price difference of a number of systems to determine which presents the best value in your situation.

If you live in most of Canada, a 25-year shingle is the cheapest per bundle, but will cost more after it is on our roof. Warranties and shingle construction should be understood before buying, you might be expecting something else.

06 Ridge Cap
The ridge is at the top of a roof where the sides meet to form an angle. The ridge runs the length of the roof, and must be capped with ridge cap shingles.

07 Starter
A starter strip is typically a row of shingle material that is applied on top of the underlayment and drip edge but underneath the primary shingle layer. The starter strip is usually a shingle laid upside down or a strip of shingle material half the width of a shingle. It protects the shingles from wind at the bottom of the roof by being adhered to the edge of the eaves, and it fills in the spaces left by the tabs of most shingles.

08 Ventilation
A properly ventilated attic will keep your roof deck and insulation dry, dissipate heat build-up in the attic space, minimize the potential for ice dams, and extend the life of your shingles.

Having proper levels of ventilation will also help ease your heating and cooling costs and make your home a healthier place. Chances are your roof is in dire need of more ventilation, especially if you see any curled shingles anywhere. Air enters intakes (usually through the perforated soffit) and exits through the exhaust vents.

Having proper levels of ventilation will also help ease your heating and cooling costs and make your home a healthier place.  Chances are your roof is in dire need of more ventilation, especially if you see any curled shingles anywhere.  Air enters intakes (usually through the perforated soffit) and exits through the exhaust vents.

There are many different types of vents; make sure you know what type presents the most value or which is most suitable for your purpose.  If your roofer can’t tell you what types are available, how much you need, and what the best options are, find a new roofer!  The general rule of thumb is that the minimum ventilation required is one square foot of Net Free Air (NFA) for every 300 square feet of insulated attic space.  The split of intake and exhaust I generally accepted at a 50% intake and 50% exhaust ratio.

Venting doesn’t need to be electrical or mechanical to work perfectly well; you should have enough and the proper type for your application.  You may be able to add years to your roof by just adding one vent!

09 Flashing SystemsScreen-shot-2010-01-22-at-1.56.40-PM-200
Flashing systems are a site where many roof leaks occur. Whether flashing is located where roof planes intersect, around vents, or at the chimney, most flashing systems should be replaced when a new roof is being installed.  Think of flashing like a kind of metal angle around chimneys, dormers, vents, skylights, and etc.  A flashing system that is properly installed will have water run over joints, not in them.


Flashing is installed on top of the ice and water membrane.  The most common types of flashing are the following

10 Valley Treatment
Screen-shot-2010-01-22-at-2.07.04-PM-300The valley (the low point of where 2 roof fields join together making an in ward angle) is a crucial spot that must be installed properly.  A premium ice and water membrane should be installed (even under metal or open valleys) and it should be free of nail punctures near the bottom.  Metal valley flashing may be installed; it can make the valleys last if installed properly, but can also wear and warp with time.

11 Roofing Warranties
A 25 or 45 year covered shingle is not guarantee to last that long.  Shingle warranties cover only shingle defects for the first 4 to 7 years fully, after which they are pro-rated.  So after the first full covered period, the coverage drops yearly until it runs out.  This means on the 10th year you may only have a very small percentage of the roof material covered, which is by far the least of the expenses.  Manufacturers use impressive sounding long-term warranties to convince buyers that their shingles are the best and will last the longest.  They compete over such features as the length of coverage, algae resistance, wind tolerance, and whether the warranty can be transferred to a new owner.  These warranties can be their main selling points.  However, don’t be taken in; standard manufacturer’s warranties are not worth a dime in most cases, ask any supplier to see how many successful warranty claims they’ve had since in business.  It comes down to proper installation, and making sure the manufacturer is reliable (most large manufacturers warranty coverage is the same), as is the contractor’s track record.  There are too many small outfits running out of pick-ups that change cell phone numbers every year, and with such a high turnover, it tends to give the whole industry a bad name.

12 Ice Dams
Ice dams occur when snow melts near the top of warm roofs.  It then cools and freezes down the roof to the overhang.  As winter continues, snowfall continues the melt and freeze process, forming an ice dam that can seep under the shingles through the decking and into the house. Screen-shot-2010-01-22-at-2.23.57-PM.png Even in freezing temperatures, this causes serious roof leaks.  The best prevention to ice dams is a well-ventilated roof so that the temperature in the eaves area is comparable to the one at the top portion of the roof.  Protection for the eave area must be applied in the form of an impermeable ice and water membrane (installed on top of the decking, under the roofing material during the roofing process).  Electric cables along the eaves can be used in the prevention of ice dams where they usually form.

However, this is not the ultimate solution as new ice dams can form above the cables and wreak the same havoc. An emergency / temporary solution is to fill a sock or nylon with calcium chloride and lay it vertically across the ice dam. Others have improvised ways to chop at the ice, spread salt or a constant stream of hot water. All these are methods that just add wear and do not solve the situation.

Disadvantages of Asbestos Roof

In the years before b1984 most houses were used the asbestos as roofing materials because they were considered to be affordable and durable.  This material was resistant to adverse weather conditions and it could be manipulated to different shapes and forms. Asbestos roofs contained mineral fibers and cement and the materials differed in percentage of asbestos concentration. These types of roofing have so far ceased to be used to because of the many health implications it caused on people. There are some houses which were built before 2000 and still have asbestos roof. Such houses need someone who is trained to remove the Asbestos and change the roofing materials. When performing the removal of such roofs one should take into consideration the proper handling of the asbestos material because it is potentially dangerous. There are people who still have the asbestos roof in low concentration that they do not pose any health risk but they should hire skilled people to perform repairs and maintenance from time to time following the set standards. The medical risks that asbestos roof caused were when its microscopic fibers were inhaled they would cause cancer and respiratory infections like Asthma

In addition to medical concerns about asbestos roof maintenance and repair becomes very difficult because there are not many qualified contractors willing to work directly with the material. Another challenge that faced with asbestos were used in the repair and removal tools. Some roofing material is spoiled is too brittle and can break easily, even the use of hand poses a greater risk not only to the contractor, but the inspiration for the environment stack. Due to the risk of these types of roof repair was very expensive, that most people can barely manage it. That’s why most people would like to remove the asbestos roof, except for repairs. It is also difficult to find materials for repair, because the asbestos material is no longer popular. If you already live in the house, which was constructed of asbestos material, a very important test. You may feel fine, but symptoms can create a layer of asbestos fibers are inhaled or swallowed or may not be grouped inside the body, so they will clot in the airways and lungs. There are extreme cases where the elevation is caused by asbestos inhalation of asthma, which ultimately led to the death.

Make sure that the person you call to handle asbestos roofing must be licensed and well trained, many firms these days must be licensed by relevant government bodies to handle the asbestos materials. Nowadays there are special equipment used specifically for asbestos repair and removal. The earlier you carefully remove and properly maintain the roof the better you will be on reducing the related health risks and the overhead cost of handling this potentially risky materials.

Keep your house and the people living it safe with reliable siding and roofing at Calgary

Home is place that has your near and dear ones who are always there for you. It is place that has your heart and where you are always at peace but it is important as a vigilant person to make sure that the house is kept safe so that the people living it are subsequently safe. This is the reason that a proper roofing of the house is an important concern.

Until now nobody might have provided you with the need of quality roofing because when a particular house is made, the normal process that is involved in making a house is its siding as well as its roofing and reason which not much attention has been provided to this necessity. But keep it intact in your mind that you in every way to need to have a reliable concern that makes sure that your roofs and siding are perfect and reliable in every away.

The need for safe and reliable roofs and sides:

Everything after a certain point of time needs to be repaired, changed or reinstalled and like every other even roof and sides are needed to go through this whole process. Especially the siding is needed to be installed in such a way that it can take on some harsh weathers.

If concrete roofs are opted for then it is fine as it will tend to continue its service uninterruptedly for a longer period of time. But if you are opting for the asphalt roofing and siding then the materials that are used for the same are very much important. So, the choice of the company and concern that are to provide such a service is essentially and needs to be effectively chosen.

There are several companies that you are sure to come across while deciding on which company to go with for the roofs and sides. But is important on the part of the customer to be very sure about the choice that are a making because a reliable choice of company will lead to the reliable choice of roofs and sides. Other than that while choosing the company make sure that whether the company offers emergency repairs and replacements and also the dealing with the insurance companies so that the customers gets the maximum value. You need see whether the companies offer on time and in budget repairs or installation. If all these concerns and essentialities are available with a company then chances are you will settle with a quality and reliable company from the several of them that are available.

Which Materials Can Be Used for Green- Roofing?

Green RoofingGreen living trend is prevalent all across Pakistan. Some of houses are partially green; whereas others are constructed with green building materials. Suppose if you just want to use green materials in your house roof—you can have a variety of options to choose from. All that you need to do is to search on the internet, visit your nearby market and consult a top architect in Pakistan, who not only gives ideas about various building materials but also calculates complete budget you need to spend on the installation of roof.

Build-Up Roofing

The type of roofing is mostly selected for manufacturers’ buildings. No complicated construction work is required; instead you can make a flat roof and then place the layers of asphalt on it or you can stack the materials coated with asphalt. The name is given as it is constructed by placing four alternating layers of tar and reinforcing buyers such as glass fiber mats or organic mats. The top layer makes it cool as well as highly insulated. Additionally, the top layer that is made from white-colored shingle also plays a significant role in keeping it relatively cool. For its durability and resistance, it lasts for a longer time period and is known as tar and gravel roof.


Generally, the metals get easily heated up and make the surroundings warmer but when coated with special kind of reflecting materials—these give the reverse results. You need to paint the metals with light color paint or add a light-reflecting pigment in the paint. You can install it either directly or on your existing roof. For its high durability, it lasts for a longer time period.

Roof Pavers

These are special kinds of paving tiles, which are used in roofs. For their high thickness (2-inches), the cool varieties of the tiles are said to reflect the minimum of 78% of the ultraviolet light, ultimately giving a house more of a cooler effect. However, you need to keep in mind that the foundation and the walls of a house are strong enough to carry the weight of pavers, which is as much as of that of a stone-roof.


If you want to construct a roof that is not only heat-resistant but is also highly durable, then choosing roof tiles is the best option. For its composition, it is considered as one of the best green building materials. It can be easily recycled and is available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The perfect thermal mass preserves the inside cool air and keeps the heat off.

Single-Ply Thermoset

It is made up of a roof membrane that is extracted from oil and natural gas. The material is bonded with the existing roofing in a way that it works as a sealing, ultimately making the roof insulated. It is proved that the membrane can resist damaging sunlight and can keep the interior of a house cold.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles, one of the frequently used insulation roof materials, provides high resistance to the heat and cold. The natural material is installed on rafters and is used in a log house.

Slate Shingles

Slate shingles serve the dual purpose because these not only maintain a resistance against different climatic conditions but also give your house, more of luxurious look. As it is a non-renewable resource; it is relatively expensive green roofing material.

Plastic Lumber Yard

The plastic roofing slates are mostly made from recycled materials and can be recycled as well.  Cedar shakes are natural and have high resistance for acute climatic conditions, as compared to asphalt shingles.

If you are indecisive about choosing the kind of green material for your roof, consult an  architect in Lahore or in your nearby area and get the best suggestions.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Roof in Louisiana?

Louisiana is home to over 4.4 million people. The LA economy is largely dependent on the Gulf of Mexico, for everything from tourism and seafood to the oil industry. That same body of water that provides so much economically for the people of Louisiana also has a tremendous influence over the weather in the state. Louisianans can thank the Gulf for hot and moist air, heavy rains, thunderstorms, and tropical storms and hurricanes.

When you live in a place with large amounts of rainfall and the potential for severe weather, it’s always important to be prepared for whatever may come. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense in the event of bad weather. Regular maintenance and upkeep is a must. A leaking roof can leads to thousands of dollars in damage to other parts of your home. Needless to say, when you need a new roof, it’s an important investment.

This leaves the question, how much does a new roof cost? The answer depends on a number of factors, including the size and height of your roof, the materials being used, the contractor you choose, and even the location of your home.

In Louisiana, the most common roofing material of choice is asphalt or composite shingles, which run around $1-3 per square foot of material, plus the cost of labor. Average roofs are around 1,700-2,200 square feet, so materials will be anywhere from $1,700- $6,600 plus the cost of labor. The larger the roof, the more it will cost. Roofing contractors will generally charge more for roofs that are particularly steep and difficult to work on. The advantage of asphalt shingles is the low cost and reasonable lifespan of 15-30 years depending on the grade.

Other common roofing materials include metal, tile, wood shake, and slate. Metal roofing runs about $10-15 per square foot, but can be well worth the investment as the life expectancy is around 40 years. Tile and wood shake each cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 a square foot, though neither one is very popular in Louisiana, as tile tends to leak and wood shake can need replacing after 7 years due to fire hazard and deterioration. Slate roofing is the most expensive, with some varieties costing as much as $25-35 per square foot. The advantage to slate, however, is that its lifespan can be 100 years or more. In fact, there are some buildings that have slate roofs over 200 years old and counting.

As with other home improvement projects, the true cost of your roof replacement depends largely on the contractor you choose. The best way to save money is to get several estimates from qualified local contractors. This way you can get to know the market and determine the best available price for your project.

When choosing a contractor, it’s important to remember to consider quality as well as cost. The roofer with the lowest price may not do the best work, but the highest price also might not mean the highest quality workmanship. Checking references is the best way to know what you can expect to receive. It’s also important to remember that prices can change depending on where you live in Louisiana. New Orleans roofing companies may charge more than other contractors, as the general cost of living is higher in the area. At the same time, more competition among roofing companies in Baton Rouge or other cities may make it easier to find a good deal. Whether you’re comparing Shreveport roofing estimates or other Louisiana roofing companies, it’s important to compare several estimates and check references to ensure you are getting the best deal available.

Thatch Roofing, Thatch Roofs, Thatching

Thatch Roofing/Thatch Roofs

Thatch roofs combine the durability required to withstand all types of weather conditions and the beauty of Mother Nature’s plentiful bounty.  Thatch roofs use dry vegetation, usually in the form of straw, water reed, heather, and rushes to form a layer that waterproofs a dwelling.  Commonly used in developing countries because of its low price and abundance of materials, many well-to-do people use thatch roofs to give their homes and tiki huts a rustic feel.

Popular in tropical areas, thatch roofs have a history that dates back to thousands of years ago.  Needing an inexpensive yet durable material for their homes and buildings, people in the Middle Ages relied on thatch.  The combination of natural materials was highly flammable and responsible for devastating fires.  Today, flame retardant thatch roofing materials are available to fulfill safety requirements.  You should always use caution when lighting a grill.  Combustible items should remain far away from the flame.

Enjoying your new thatch roof is easy.  Once installed, it will provide shade from harmful UV rays and shelter you from unexpected rain showers.  A thatch roof attached to a tiki bar or tiki hut gives even the most suburban family home a trendy, exotic feel.  You will instantly become the talk of the town once you have added the finishing touches to your little slice of paradise.  Thatch roofing brings the look and feel of the islands to your backyard tiki hut.

Turn your home into the ultimate place to entertain guests.  Unpack your tiki torches and pull out the pool toys.  It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Having a place that you love makes even the worst day manageable.  Thatch roofing is a beautiful detail that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

There is no good reason for you not to have the yard of your dreams.  Thatch roofing enhances the appearance of structures by giving them an inviting tropical vibe.  Who doesn’t enjoy having their home be a place that others want to visit?  You will have an endless string of guests stop by to check out your new thatch roof.

Rolls of thatch roofing are economical.  See for yourself.  Look at this site for inspiration.  You can find a variety of styles and lengths of thatch roofing materials.  Select the one that best fits your needs.

There are distinct advantages to having a thatch roof installed.  First of all, the materials used hold up well even in wet climate.  Second, the materials used to create thatch roofing are plentiful in many regions.  If taken care of properly, the crops are sustainable and can be harvested again and again.  That makes thatch a renewable resource.  Environmentalists can applaud thatch roofing materials for being earth friendly.

It shouldn’t take you long to install a thatch roof.  In fact, you can severely alter the look of your dwelling in one afternoon if you work efficiently.  So, what are you waiting for?  Grab some tools and a couple of your friends and get to work installing thatch roofing.  You won’t be disappointed once you see the end result.

Toronto Roofing Estimate – Beware Of Roof Riff Raff

We all know that starting the process of getting a roof estimate is no easy task. The roofing industry is an extremely competitive business especially regarding residential roofing. Finding a Toronto company you can trust to give a fair and reliable estimate can be like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Why is there so much riff raff to filter through in Toronto when seeking an estimate, and what exactly is riff raff?

Well, riff raff can be defined as roofing companies that really do not have your needs in their best interest. They scour the city of Toronto, including the GTA, offering very low prices for very shoddy workmanship. Many of these roofing companies survive month by month and even fewer have the proper liability insurance – insurance that protects you in case of an accident.

Did you know that you are liable for any damages to your property (such as a fire) or injuries to one of the roofers if the company you hire is lacking the proper insurance? It happens all the time in Toronto. My first advice to you when getting an estimate is to see prove of the company’s liability insurance.

Speaking of price – generally the lowest price is the worst price. Why? Because the cost of running a legitimate business, especially in Toronto, is very expensive. The labour involved is also very high, and a respectful roofing contractor only hires quality, well trained employees.

Another sure sign of riff raff is the inability to produce recent, happy testimonials from real people. The riff raff almost never have good references because they rarely follow up on the their work to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied.

Always ask for 5 recent references and make absolutely sure you contact these references and listen carefully to every word they say to you. Read between the lines when they are talking – you will be amazed about how much “extra” information you can pick up by listening to the sound of the person’s voice while they speak.

Many Toronto roofing companies are now starting to charge a fee for an estimate. Personally, I believe this is a fantastic idea and it should be implemented immediately. A $75 fee would most likely scare off the riff raff because these types of roofers do not value their time: they are most likely just glad to have an estimate – any estimate. A quality roofing contractor usually has many estimates lined up and this takes a lot of time and expense to handle. By paying a small fee you are making it much easier for a roofing company to give you the service that is essential.

Paying for quality is always better than positioning yourself in jeopardy. The roof on your house provides your entire home with water protection, including proper roof insulation and roof ventilation. All these elements need to be closely looked at for a roof to adequately perform.

A Toronto roofing estimate can be a nightmare or it can be a pleasant experience that will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars down the road by getting the job done right the first time.

Deciding Between Tearing the Old Roof Off and Roofing Over It


If you have made the decision to install a new roof, one of next decisions will be whether to tear the existing roof off or to put the new roofing materials on top of the old one. Of the two choices, installing the new roof over the existing shingles will be less expensive and may result in a shorter timeline to completion. On the other hand, while tearing the existing roof off before the installation will cost more initially, there are several long term advantages to making this additional investment.

Here are some of the factors to consider before making the decision between either tearing the old roof off or doing an installation on top of the old one.

1) If your roof already has two layers of shingles, a tear-off is mandatory – Current roofing codes do not allow for more than two layers of shingles on residential roofs. This aspect of the code was added due to the weight bearing stress on the supporting structure caused by multiple shingle layers.

2) Tearing off the existing shingles gives you a complete look at the condition of the roof deck – Clearing off the old shingles allows for a full view of the deck, which provides the opportunity to assess and repair areas that have been damaged by termites, dry rot, etc. This is one of the advantages of spending the extra money for a full tear-off as damage to the deck can be concealed by the existing layer of shingles.

3) Working with a clean deck presents the opportunity to add a membrane to protect against damage from ice dams – These membranes provide added protection against water damage resulting from water that gets trapped by ice dams that build up on at the eaves. This type of shield cannot be installed on top of an existing layer of shingles.

4) A new roof is more secure when it’s attached directly to the deck – One of the biggest risks of installing a new roof over existing shingles is that this configuration is less resistant to the force of high winds. Lower resistance is due to the roof’s higher profile, which can allow wind to get under the shingles, combined with the fact that fastening shingles on top of shingles is less secure than attaching them directly to the deck.

5) Many roofing companies recycle old roofing materials – A growing number of roofing companies are involved in recycling programs that keep old roofing materials out of landfills.

Installing a new roof over existing shingles may initially be the less expensive choice, but that can change with the first big storm. By tearing off the old shingles and starting with a clean deck, your new roof can be installed under conditions that foster durability for a long usable life.

What you need to know about corrugated metal roofing

Corrugated metal roofing provides a better alternative to your typical asphalt shingles; with the modern manufacturing techniques, metal roofing sheets can be made in such a way that they can easily upscale some of the more costly roofing materials. Apart from the fact that it is lightweight, metal roofing is highly durable and extremely affordable even when you add the costs associated with its professional installation.

Corrugated metal roofing is now being used extensively as the material of choice in both residential as well as other traditional commercial applications. Most homeowners, and especially those who are replacing their roofs, will find metal roofing quite economical and more long-lasting than many other products in the market. Depending on the manufacturer of the metal roofing sheets you are going to install, many metal roofing contractors offering warranties of 50 years to 100 years for their products; when you look at it in another way, you will discover that this is a polite way of giving people a lifetime warranty. The availability of many colors to choose form does not in any way sacrifice on the side of aesthetics to get quality.
Corrugated metal roofing sheets have another great advantage and that is the fact that they are fire resistant. This is therefore an ideal roofing material for people who live in areas where wild fires are a seasonal issue; in many cases these days the installation of metal roofing invites a reduction of homeowner insurance premiums. Similarly, homes that are built along coast will also benefit a great deal from metal roofing; unlike aluminum roofing sheets that react with the salt air to form aluminum oxide, metal roofing sheets come with an extra layer of protection ensuring that they will not easily get affected. Metal roofing sheets are also ideal in environments where string winds and snow accumulation threaten the integrity of roofing materials.

If you live in an area where hail is big problem, you have no better roofing material than metal roofing sheets, and especially corrugated steel sheets. This is because they are less likely to be affected by hail, heavy snow loads, strong winds as well as ice. The same applies also in areas where there are problems associated with termites and other related pests. Rodents and raccoons also will have a hard time damaging metal roofing sheets as they try to make their way into the attic. Similarly, destructive birds such as woodpeckers will not be able to create holes on metal roofing sheets as they search for insects. When you consider all the benefits associated with metal roofing sheets and especially matters to do with durability, you will discover the eventually, metal roofing provides the most cost effective roofing solution.

Solarshield Industries Inc. who are a Ocala, Florida based full service exterior remodeling contractor that offers services like metal roofing, vinyl replacement windows, exterior paint coatings, sunrooms, patio enclosures, commercial roof coating.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Kentucky?

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is home to over 4.3 million residents, and stretches from the Appalachians to the Mississippi River. All four seasons are highly pronounced in Kentucky, and weather can be just as dramatic. Serious thunderstorms, heavy rains, sleet, snow, ice, and high summer heat are all ordinary occurrences in the Bluegrass State.

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense when harsh weather strikes. A leaking roof can generally lead to thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage to other parts of your home. Your roof is an important investment. It pays to stay on top of roof maintenance. The question is, how much does a roof replacement cost?

A number of factors contribute to the cost of a roof replacement project. The size and slope of your roof, the materials you use, the contractor you choose, and the location of your home all influence the final cost of your roofing project. Taking all of these into account should give you a picture of what price you can expect to pay.

Materials are the biggest factor in a roofing project. The most common roofing material in Kentucky is asphalt shingles. These cost about $1-3 per square foot, making them the least expensive residential roofing material on the market. With a durability of 20-30 years depending on the quality, they’re a very practical choice.

Other roofing materials include metal, tile, wood shake, and slate roofing. Metal roofing costs around $12-16 per square foot and can last anywhere from 30-40 years or more. Tile and wood shake each cost around $7 per square foot. Tile does quite well in desert states like Arizona where rain is infrequent, but it tends to leak and is therefore somewhat impractical for Kentucky homes. Wood shake roofs give a quaint, historic look to a home, but they generally last only 7-12 years and can become a fire hazard when not treated properly. Slate roofing can cost $20-40 per square foot and require an expert to install, but can last 50, 100 or even over 200 years.

Choosing a contractor is a major part of the roof replacement process, and can have a tremendous influence on your price. Roofers in different regions can charge different prices depending on the cost of living in those regions. Rural Kentucky roofing companies may charge much less than Louisville roofers, for example. Even roofing companies in the same area can have dramatically different prices for the same project.

When choosing a roofing contractor, it’s important to get several estimates. This lets you get a feel for the market, as well as find the best deal available. The lowest price may not always be the right choice, however, as quality is also important to consider. This matters no matter where you live, but it can be especially important in more populous areas. With so many Lexington roofing companies, for example, they cannot all have the same standards of work. The way to determine the caliber of your roofer is by checking the company’s references.

Whether you’re comparing a handful of Owensboro roofing estimates or sifting though a long list of Louisville roofing companies, the way to get the best price for your roof replacement is to get several estimates and check references.

What Is OSB

This is the second of several posts designed to help you decipher roofing lingo. It is our hope that these posts will help you make sense of,  and feel comfortable with the process of re-roofing your home or getting your roof repaired. Lets get back to that stack of roofing estimates sitting on your table . One estimate says your roof will be sheathed with OSB and another says your roof will be sheathed with plywood. What’s the difference?  For that matter what is sheathing?

Sheathing is covering the trusses (or frame work) of your roof.  Sheathing is the base on which your roof is built. Two commonly used sheathing materials are OSB and plywood.

OSB stands for oriented strand board (is that a mouth full or what?). To make OSB  logs are shredded into strands of specific lengths.  The shreds are mixed with waxes and resins that help  the strands stick together. How thick or thin the final board will be depends on how many layers are laid down and how thick the layers are. Once the desired thickness has been reached the shreds are put into a thermal press. The press uses heat and pressure to help the layers  to stick together.


The OSB is now ready to be cut to size and shipped out to stores and used to sheath your roof.


Our next article will explain what plywood is and how it differs from OSB. There is some debate in the roofing community whether OSB or plywood is the best sheathing material. We advise you to contact a licensed roofer to find out which sheathing material is best for your project.



There are various factors that determine which kind of roof to use for your house.


In hot desert-like climates where rainfall is low, flat roofs are very common. Areas such as North-Africa have alot of these roofs. A flat roof is not eactly’flat’.

It usually slopes at an angle of 5 to 10 degrees. This angle can not be noticed easily and helps to drain water during cleaning or after rainy weather. In traditional African societies, communities living in Arid areas of Kenya such as Maasai, Samburu had their shelters made of flat roofs.

This is because rain is not common in thses areas. In rainy climates, the roof becomes steep. In snowy regions such as Northern Europe, the roof is very steep[over 45 degrees] so as to drain away snow. In traditional African societies which live in rainy regions such as Kisii,Mount Kenya and Coast, the thatch roof is very steep[over 60 degrees] so as to increase the surface runnoff of rain water.


Roofing materials vary depending on the budget. In Kenya, thatch roof is the cheapest at KES 180 per square meter. It is followed by Iron sheets. The thinnest grade in the market at the moment is Gauge 32 which costs about KES 210 per square meter.

Gauge 30 costs about KES 240 per square meter and Gauge 28 pre-painted costs approximately kes 500 per square meter. Concrete roofng tiles cost around KES 400 per square meter.

Clay roofing tiles cost around KES 630 per square meter at Mombasa.

These have the advantage of being light-weight and since they are made of natural clay with no added paint, their rain-watter runnoff can be consumed without any health issues as compared to the others wheich have paint .

Paint contains Lead which is harmful to the human body. Stone coated steel roofing tiles such as Harvey, Decra are in the range of the most expensive and cost approximately KES 1500 per square meter.

These are usually gauge 26 in thickness and hence give a lifetime guarantee. Their light weight also gives savings to the timber supporting trusses which will be less than when supporting heavier concrete tiles.


Curved and cylindrical roofs require special types of materials such as copper and bituminous felts. These felts can take the shape of the roof easily. Copper felt is expensive. This is usually copper in colour when new and turns greenish as it ages.

Hipped roofs are best laid using tiles since with tiles, there will be less cutting and hence less wastage. Some steel roofing suppliers in Kenya can supply curved roofs. Gable roofs can be done using any type of roofing products. Some buildings such as Highlands restaurant at Afya Centre, Nairobi have glass roofs.

These give nice views but are expensive to put up. A square meter of 10mm structural glass costs approximately kes 2,800. The steepness of the roof can also be used to control cost. The more steep the roof, the more the surface area and hence the more the cost. Some roofing tiles such as Mangalore design require steep roofs to make sure that the rain water surface runnoff is fast and hence no leakages.

Recreational facilities such as tourist lodges which require rustic natural finishes will opt for the thatch roofs which can be patterned to various designs.

Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Once in lifetime everyone needs to get either new roofing or re-roof done. Therefore, if you are looking for a roofing contractor you need to have certain questions prepared to ask him so that you are not conned.

Whether you plan to hire new roofing contractor, or one referred to you by a relative you need to be assured that your will be hiring a contractor whom you can trust. Listed here are some very important things that you need to know about the contractor before finalizing the contract.

Hire a roofing contractor who has an office nearby for possibility of faster service if required. Ask for a list of past customers for references so that you can contact them to determine contractor’s reliability as well as getting an idea of the experience you would expect. Although the roofer can rightfully decline to give a long list, as many customers do not like their names listed. Attempt to figure out how the contractor manages problems as and when they do arise. Ask for a referral from a job involving a complaint.

Inquire about the payment procedure whether the payment is to be made after completion of the job. Are you required to make any deposits before commencement of the job and how much is the deposit? Ask him to provide you a written contract that has the precise payment instructions along with the total price. It is better to look for a bonded contractor as this assures that he will execute the job and complete the project and if there is any problem, you will remain protected. Ensure to get the guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty.
A less than three years in business usually signals an unstable business so a longer duration will guarantee experience with expertise. If a roofer asks you, to obtain some permits, it is advisable to be wary of him. Make sure that the contractor’s Certificates of Insurance are for both liability and Worker’s Compensation prior to beginning the work of your roof. Find out if your contractor hires out a subcontractor, if yes ask the same details from him especially insurance to ensure that the subcontractor has all of the appropriate papers. This will prevent you from being held liable for any accident occurring on the job.
Ensure that your roofing contractor provides a maintenance program for your roof after installation as timely and regular inspections of the new roof helps in catching any probable problem at early stages and correcting it before any major damage. Inquire if he holds membership of roofing associations like NRCA whether it is local or national. Such membership guarantees that the contractor believes in inventiveness to update himself on the subject of latest roofing information and maintaining the highest standard of education possible.
Sometimes, major court cases could put a company out of business so incase a lawsuit is pending; you need to know what the suit involves. You may need to visit a local courthouse to look at the court documents filed for the case to date.

How Technology Is Changing the Roofing Industry

Ten years ago things were much different. Having already been five years in to the new millennium, technology had been shaping the way we communicate, find businesses, and manage our priorities. Since then, technology has essentially overtaken every aspect of our lives. And the roofing industry is changing with it.
These days, technology is able to make everyone’s life easier. Sure, there are some setbacks, but, for the most part, technology is doing exactly what it is meant to do: Simplify every day tasks and enable us to reach out further than ever before. In regards to the roofing industry – both internally and from a consumer standpoint – things are becoming more straightforward, allowing contractors to focus more on construction and less on planning, marketing and communicating with customers.
For one, websites have transformed from minimalistic web pages with mostly text-based content, to much more robust, yet user-friendly, mediums. Whereas in the past, websites did little more than help promote your business, customers can, these days, find all the answers they’re looking for with a few clicks and swipes. Want to know where you can find the best flat roof contractor in the Lansing, Michigan area? No problem. A simple Google search will turn up results galore allowing you to do your own research quickly and efficiently.

Even the process of choosing and building a roof has been simplified thanks to the power of ease of technology. Software that allows contractors to visualize their plans and present them accordingly to their clients is just one way that technology has begun to reshape the industry. 3D rendering is another. Have you ever watched any home improvement shows on networks like HGTV or DIY? You’ve probably noticed contractors using their iPads to show off their renderings, of which allows their clients to visually finalize the plans and move forward. Ten years ago, while there had been software like this existing at that time, the options were scarce and the capabilities were minimal.
Technology has become the staple of our generation. It’s infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and therefore made many tasks much easier. Roofing has not gone unaffected. While many industries are far behind the pack, roofing has proven to be an early adopter of new technologies, allowing for quick adaptation of plans and custom contract work for all. So the next time you look up at that beautiful roof, you can thank technology for its role in its construction.

For more about Roofers Battle Creek MI Visits:

How to Find Repair Services for Commercial Roofing Damage

Finding a good commercial roofing company can be difficult for business owners who have never needed repair or replacement service. If your roofing in Sandy Springs is leaking, where do you start when it comes to finding a service provider? Don’t just call anyone. Do your research.

The internet is a good place to start as there are several sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that review all types of roofing companies. These sites will provide unbiased reviews of service companies and can be a great way to find companies for you or your building manager to call. Consumer protection agencies rate repair companies making it easier for you to weed out the bad companies, steering you in the direction of reputable businesses.

However, making the call isn’t the greatest challenge. It’s finding a company that will fit your repair and replacement needs. If this is your first time hiring a commercial roofer, it’s important to have a plan of action when you start calling those numbers you gathered. Here are some points to consider when you start the hiring process.

Customer Service

A quality roofing company will have very high standards and expect excellence from their employees. The initial call to a roofing company can be a really good indicator of how they treat their customers. Is the call received in a cheerful manner by someone interested in helping? This is the first line of contact for a company and it should reflect their customer service policy. If you’re greeted by a grouchy service representative or your questions are not answered in an informative manner, move on to the next company on your list.


Whether installing a new roof or replacing a roof that has seen better times, quality work is just as important as good customer service. A company should be familiar with all styles of commercial roofs and comfortable installing the various materials. They should have a comprehensive plan for each project. Each step is important to the process and companies that skip steps to save time or money are not worth your time or investment.

Quality is based on how well repairs are made and the kind of materials used. Unfortunately, there are too many subpar companies out there that use cheap materials and it shows in the craftsmanship. Companies that use cheap materials are only interested in how fast they can make the money and not how well the job is done.

Stick with companies that have a reputation for completing quality work at prices that make sense with industry standards.


Safety is important on any job site, but none more so than on a roofing job site. How a roofing company regards employee safety is just as important as the price of the job and how low a company has been in business when you’re searching for a roofing company. The company you choose must take safety seriously at every step of the project.

Not only should the company you select have safety procedures in place, it should also have adequate insurance protection. Accident insurance for damages to the building and tenants protects you. Selecting a roofing company without the proper insurance puts you at risk of financial loss by making you liable for any damage to the property or accidents that affect tenants or employees.

Your property’s roofing in Sandy Springs is important to the structural integrity of your building. A roof that is damaged needs repair or replacement right away. However, don’t let haste guide your decision when choosing a commercial roofing company. Take a breath and take your time selecting a commercial roofer to ensure that all repairs are completed in a safe and complete manner.

What Is Flashing

So your roof is leaking like a sieve or needs to be replaced.  You waded through the Yellow Pages, combed the internet and quizzed everyone you know. You called a bunch of contractors  and you have a stack of bids. Now what? It would help if the  bids weren’t written in roofer or maybe it’s Greek. What is a flashing?  Or for that matter what are starter shingles?  This is the first of several posts designed to help you decipher roofing lingo. It is our hope that these posts will help you make sense of, and feel comfortable with the process of re-roofing your home or getting your roof repaired.

So what are flashings? Chances are you have already seen flashings on your roof. Some common places flashings are used can be seen in this diagram.


Flashings are metal used  to weatherproof your roof at edges at perimeters, penetrations, walls, expansion joints, valley, drains, and other places where your  roof covering is interrupted or terminated. In other words water rolls off the flashing, onto your roof surface and onto the ground. Without flashings water could get under your roof surface and cause a leak.

It really is that simple. We understand that undertaking a roofing project can be a daunting task. It is our hope that you not only pick up a few roofing terms ,  but you feel empowered. Future article will explain terms such as osb, trusses and ice and water shield. You may not be a roofer but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand your roofing bid.

Frisco Roofing Company belongs to construction of building

First of all customers judge the condition of the roof. In most cases complete replacement of roof can be avoided. Then the company repairs the roof and makes it this condition look that’s look like brand new. Company customers services center are available for customers are 24 hours who help the customers and explain them the new plan and about the services charges of the company. This company work all the parts that related to the furnished of the house building like kitchen, bath, Terries, balcony, gallery, TV lunch ,garage and bedrooms.
Company builds the most famous and big buildings, offices, roads and other constructions sites in different country of the world. Anytime company introduced the many packages for the favor of the customers like free replacement of the roof if the roof are damage and break in the period of guarantee given by the company to the customers. Company said to the customers no matter how many damages has been done we can rebuild your home from the ground up.
Company remold the kitchen, bath with all its parts like paint, sanitary, granite wood work selection of the colors of the everything. The best quality of company is the employees of the company, the owner of the company select the person for company all the big universities of the world. These people are expert in its work. Company hire the different person for different work like the person who are interior designer of the houses the company give him a work of houses and who are not company give him another work those are related in its specialty.
Frisco Roofers build all the type of roof like wood roof, simple roof, metal roof and all the other type of roof those are most famous and beneficial for in the world, heat and cold resistant roof are also made by the company these roof are beneficial for all seasons. In the making of buildings the company do the work of electric wiring and plumbing for this work company have a engineer who handle the work very carefully and not make any little mistake. Company make a fire exit in that places that are very easily available to the public who are in the building.

This constructions company are very affordable for the person who are not payable the big amount to the constructor its price are very bearable to the normal person.

Steel Roofing Steals the Show

The main functions of a roof are insulation and drainage. Roofing materials that are made of natural fibrous material, such as thatch, provide good insulation. A ceiling is installed under the roof to insulate against weather elements such as heat and cold. It also insulates against noise, dirt, as well as droppings of birds. Forms of insulation come in plastic sheeting which is placed below the tiles, while synthetic foam is laid above the ceiling; and those that come in the form of recycled products are inserted into roof cavities.

A roof also acts as drainage. It has to prevent water from seeping into the building. For instance, in the Middle East, the roof is walled with drainage holes to prevent water from seeping through the roofing material. Houses with low pitch roof are usually situated in areas with low rainfall; whereas, high pitch roofs are suited for heavy weather conditions such as snow.

Steel roofing, a type of metal roofing, performs the said functions. It lasts a lifetime. Not only is it sturdy, fireproof, and weather resistant, but it also comes in an array of colors, styles, and configurations. Steel shingles can be designed to resemble the look and texture of wood, slate, or tile. They can be arranged individually or produced to interlock with one another, creating a watertight surface for the home. They come in different colors, shaped according to your taste, and are embossed according to designer specifications.

Steel panel roofing Northampton is common in homes. It uses a standing seam roofing system. In this system, the sheating is covered with roofing felt with panels placed on top and attached at the roof peak with hidden fasteners. Its ridge acts as a vent, providing attic ventilation. It reflects sunlight, reducing energy costs.

Aside from steel panels, a roofing company Pennsylvania provides steel panels that can be flat or corrugated. These are also galvanized, stainless, or made of gavalume steel. These require little maintenance and last over 50 years. Though they are durable, they are quite expensive. However, insurance companies give discounts of up to 25%.

Besides its durability, fireproof and resistance properties, steel roofing PA is recyclable, making it environmentally friendly. Seventy five percent of steel roofing materials are made of recycled metal. Steel materials are also lightweight and practical to install over an existing roof.

The 20 Main Roofing Tools

One of the most essential parts of any house is the roof. It keeps our priceless possession and us from the harshest of the natural elements such as rain, snow, and dust.
It is highly important to have good, high quality roofing because your expensive carpet, stylish and comfortable furniture, well-built foundation, hard-wearing and solid walls and even that delicate shade of paint that is hard to get right will be a nightmare if you have a permeable and defective roof.
A sturdy roof over our head will gives us security, shield, and comfort. The most essential tools needed when working on the roof is a first aid kit. Be ready for all injuries that might happen while working on the roof because this work is a backbreaking, exhausting and the incidence of minor injuries is extremely high.
The first aid kit should include all kinds of bandages, antiseptic cleansing wipes, burn cream pack, scissors, and a first aid guidebook. Wearing a safety helmet while working on the roof may avoid or minimize a head injury because a single head injury can handicap a person for life or it can be fatal. This is the reason why while working on the roof safety helmets is also one of the most important tools in roofing.
Safety glasses and goggles is one of the essential tools in roofing because it protects our eyes from infectious particles that might enter our eyes while working. Always keep in mind that in any line of work, safety should be the first thing on your list, you should be equipped with all the necessary protective clothing and footwear for full on the job protection and injury prevention.
Shingling or roofing your house is a foremost responsibility of a homeowner and extreme carefulness is required with a little knowledge and the right tools, you can roof your home.
To be able to roof a house correctly and securely the following tools are needed – a sturdy ladder. You should take proper precautions while using a ladder because a ladder is one of the major causes of injuries and fatalities among the construction workers. To prevent untoward incidents, you should select the correct ladder for the specific work it will be used for and read and follow the instructions that go with the ladder. Set up the ladder properly and use good judgment while working on the ladder.
You may also need roof jacks in shingling a roof. The roof jack is a metal or wood bracket that is applied to support toe boards on a steep slope roofs. And it is specifically designed for lifting the hinged roof; this tool will make the installation of roof easier.
Using the right hammer for the roofing job will save you some time and effort. Roofing hammer is the hammer for a job specific tool. The face of this hammer is always pounded, often square and the peen will be either standard sharp hatchet for edging cedar shingles or it might be equipped with tiny razor blade for cutting asphalt shingles.
You may also need a utility knife for cutting roofing materials and a specific roofer’s utility knife has a knob that you turn to open the tool that will reduce the use of screwdriver to open and close the tool. Its blade is held in a place by a magnet that is hooked for cutting shingles.
For alignment purposes while roofing, you will need a chalk line. This is the line made on the roof by snapping an extended string or cord that is dusted with chalk. It will give the roofer a guideline when removing the excess shingle overhang.
Attaching roof to your house will be a lot quicker and simpler if you use a roofing nail gun. It fires nail to the wood or any other material that is specifically designed to take -it takes a fraction of second to hammer one nail. It carries off the hard work and the time normally involved in hammering large mounts of nails but you should be extremely careful in using this tool because though it is very useful, it is also dangerous if not handled it properly.
With a little knowledge, basic tools, and more precautionary measures, you will have a sturdy roof that will give you security and comfort for a long period of time.

Roofing – Important Considerations to Make Before Replacing a Roof

The fact that you are considering roof replacement only means either the existing roof is beyond repair or you need a new look? The simple fact about roofs is that at one point in time, you will have to deal with damages; leaks, rust, discolored materials and so on. However, how soon you get to deal with these problems depends on how you install the new roof. There are key considerations you need to make prior to the installation of new roofing materials.

Slop of the roof
Do you need a pitched or flat roof? The two options have their pros and cons although the flat roof poses the most risks. Look at the slop of the existing roof and consider the available roofing (dakwerken) systems. The steepness of the roof will rule out various options. Make your choice carefully. Don’t choose a roof type simply because everyone is using it. Choose it because it fits your budget and matches your lifestyle or goal.

Structural load
How much weight do you expect to be on the roof? Will the existing structure hold the load? Every material you add to the roof will add a certain load to your structure. The amount of load that the structure can hold will further influence your options. For example, instead of using coatings which will add more weight, spray foam may be ideal. The roofer should know exactly how much weight the structure can hold both in replacement and roof renovation (dakrenovatie).

Wind uplift
Your choice of roof type is more likely to be influenced by the potential wind uplift. The roofer will look at the expected wind speeds in the region and compare that to the amount of wind force your house will be exposed to. The expected wind resistance will also help with the choice of roofing materials.
Repair versus replacements
Last but not least, you have to consider if roof renovation will be a better choice. It is more expensive to replace than to repair. Replacement should be considered as a last option.

Nobody can tell you with absolute certainty which roof type and materials will be good for you. You need a professional roofer to assess your situation onsite in order to give recommendations with certainty. Dakwerken Limas is one of the best companies to consider for roofing in Antwerpen (dakwerken Antwerpen). As a medium-sized company, Dakwerken Limas offers comprehensive roof renovation and replacement services to create for you an environment that is pleasant. The company guarantees of quality services and professional advice.

Roofing experts: call them now to get rid of your roofing woes

You’ll be able to always perform the effort by means of yourselves or even by means of using Birmingham Roofing of anyone to perform your task. Just in case if you would like do the trick by means of self applied you need to always be cautious in doing this practice the way it is usually unsafe practice. You must simply focus on the warm day and you also must stay clear of taking care of the wet or even a cold day. You must additionally use security harness as well as ropes to hold people safe and sound inside mend operate. You must additionally have on simply rubber single slippers when they tend to be non-slippery throughout mother nature. Do remember to check this electric powered wire connections that happen to be operating concerning. The shingle roofing the simplest roofing that is restored. People should just discover this leaks, missing or even going down hill shingles primary. You must have instruments like brand new shingles, covering claws as well as sort, trowel, pry tavern as well as a scraper.

Birmingham Roofing as well as proper care assures a long life for ones roofing. Forget from the roofing leads to the paying the blast over roofing fixes. Generally men and women hassle in regards to the roofing only when that will begin leaks or even exhibiting indicators connected with have on. Leaking could be definitely avoided permanently if you follow collection requirements as well as regulations though creating this roofing to start with. Covering marketplace employs specific norms presented through the Nation’s Covering Technicians Affiliation or even this NCRA. NCRA can be involved having security tips, advisories pertaining to property owners as well as building contractors as well as covering companies. Many people assist property owners create smarter judgements in regards to the proper care, servicing as well as mend from the roofing. You can check out and about their own database to discover more regarding covering supplies, their own charge as well as charges incurred by means of different covering building contractors.

Exactly what assumes roofing mend? Seemingly it requires a lot. First of all it requires a decision on the part of your house to search in for the experience, and then there may be the matter from the funds required and lastly this search for a Birmingham Roof Repairs. I’m going to take people through these kind of ways and even more. We begin with exactly why this roofing requires a mend as well as what in case you perform being a house owner medication to be able to suspect which the roofing, that you’ve experienced for quite a while, is just not because safeguarded the way it was previously. Work immediately. The disappointment to discover as well as accurate minor roofing destruction inside first development is probably the greatest reason for rapid Birmingham Roof Repairs. It is in particular genuine connected with covering supplies utilized upon comparatively low-sloped roofing. What may cause roofing deterioration tend to be aplenty, and a few roofing designs go through much more destruction in comparison with other folks.

Roof Repairs In Birmingham is really a mindful decision, as well as just as much as roofers may possibly attempt to influence people, an upgraded is really a troublesome method. However, alternative is required throughout times the location where the roofing may possibly give way or even this leakage is usually heavy. Consider just before offering agreement, in case your predicament thus calls for, usually do not wait. Repair is required, as well as past due mend cost much more on the home, the pocket and also the beauty of the home too. The main element is usually to hold verify from the slightest changes inside covering construction as well as perform this needful in the proper period.

What Is Flashing

So your roof is leaking like a sieve or needs to be replaced.  You waded through the Yellow Pages, combed the internet and quizzed everyone you know. You called a bunch of contractors  and you have a stack of bids. Now what? It would help if the  bids weren’t written in roofer or maybe it’s Greek. What is a flashing?  Or for that matter what are starter shingles?  This is the first of several posts designed to help you decipher roofing lingo. It is our hope that these posts will help you make sense of, and feel comfortable with the process of re-roofing your home or getting your roof repaired.

So what are flashings? Chances are you have already seen flashings on your roof. Some common places flashings are used can be seen in this diagram.


Flashings are metal used  to weatherproof your roof at edges at perimeters, penetrations, walls, expansion joints, valley, drains, and other places where your  roof covering is interrupted or terminated. In other words water rolls off the flashing, onto your roof surface and onto the ground. Without flashings water could get under your roof surface and cause a leak.

It really is that simple. We understand that undertaking a roofing project can be a daunting task. It is our hope that you not only pick up a few roofing terms ,  but you feel empowered. Future article will explain terms such as osb, trusses and ice and water shield. You may not be a roofer but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand your roofing bid.

Doing residential roof repair alone is Dangerous

Home is your one of the largest investments. So replacing your roof is something you do not want to do often. Usually, it’s an emergency. When it comes to replace your roof, choosing the right shingle might be important, but choosing the right roofing service is the key.

There are so many different kinds of roofs available made of a wide range of roofing materials like asphalt shingles, metal roof, flat roof, slate and tile roof shingles, thermo ply, eco green roofs, wood shakes etc that are beautifully designed while installation of the roof to make your house look beautiful as well as to make your shelter strong from the top.  Therefore maintaining the roof is required since roofs are exposed to extreme climate, environmental conditions and natural calamities. As a result damage, wear and tear is a frequent phenomenon with the roofs. The damage of roof also happens faster when the material used for the roofing is of low quality and is done without keeping in mind the surrounding climatic condition. Although it can be tempting to attempt to make the roof repairs yourself, there are severe risks associated with trying to complete this task yourself.  Whether your house is damaged by a storm or you want to sell your house on market, hiring residential roof repair in Calgary professionals is the right option. Falls are common in roofing process. This is especially true if one has little or no experience working on a roof. Rain, heat and other climatic factors can make the roof slippery and dangerous to work on especially sloping roofs which are very common these days. But professional roofing service companies have trained their employees on proper safety procedures that are needed to be taken care of. This helps prevent accidents from trips, falls and other such mishaps. Residential roof repair inprofessionals also have highly designed equipment to provide a safer work environment. Few companies use these equipments that are tried and tested for giving best of results possible to ensure your roof is as it is, standing strong even after several years after facing heat, rain and storm.

Roofing services can vary from Gutter Repairs, to Gutter Cleaning, to Gutter Solutions, to Gutter Replacement. Then there are Roof Inspection, Leak Repairs, Damaged Shingles Repair, Cool Roof Repair, Shingle Roofing, roof installation etc services. Depending on your need and requirement they suggest what to do with your roof for safety purpose.

So it would be wise to choose one of the many Roofing services providers in Calgary, which have been operating business of in this industry for many years and have licensed well trained and highly equipped professionals who are experts in the field. It needs a proper hand and highly equipped tools to ensure the work is done carefully considering the safety of the roofers as well as the safety of the in-house mates once the work is done.

Therefore its wise to not to try it by yourself and hire your right roofing service in Calgaryinletting them do their task that they are best at to remain stress free.

Learn everything you need to know about Austin Commercial Roofers

Dimensional roofing company, Austin is one of the few roofers in the industry that have

been appreciated for everything it has done to improve the state of roofs in the cities it has taken into its coverage. The company has taken each and every task of not only commercial roofing, San Antonio as a challenge but has even transformed the face and need of roofs in residential complexes.

Every person looks out for the best commercial roof for their office because the belief is that the first impression is always the last and people always want their first impression to be the best. Thus, the place that you put up at holds a huge lot of importance in the entire process. Dimensional roofng’s expert officials are well aware of these few facts and thus have a huge lot of experience in providing the best roofs to all commercial place that have come under its control.

For a roofing company, Austin it is very important to understand the needs of the trend and the people who put up in a particular city. Thus, dimensional roofers have picked up a list of materials that they usually use in giving the best touch up to the kind of roof you might demand from them.

The list of materials that can be picked up for a perfect commercial roof is firstly the single ply that has about 4 sub-materials under its roof. The category includes TPO, PVC, EPDM and Fibertite. These are the most common and the most demanded of all the 7 varieties that the company holds.

Dimensional roofing company, San Antonio also holds the same amount of variance for you. The modified Bitumen includes inside itself the facility of torch-down and cold applied kind of roofs that are selected by few but they give a great shape and outlook to your roof.

Metal roofs are the next category in the commercial roof section offered by dimensional

roofers. This category has the maximum amount of variety in itself. It offers standing beams, stone coated tiles, metal tiles and metal shingles. All of these are the most loved kind of roofs by every other business person.

Austin Commercial Roofers is not a very easy task and thus the diversity has to be a little wider. Concrete and clay tiles, composition shingles, coatings and retrofits are certain other types of facilities that are provide by the company for all the areas that it takes under its coverage. Commercial roofing, San Antonio and for a few other states has not been better since the arrival of dimensional roofers.

When is the Right Time to Replace a Roof?

Roofing is an important aspect of your property. It plays a significant role in protecting you and your family from extreme weathers and adverse climatic conditions. Without a well maintained roof, the security of your house may come at a stake. The average life of the roof is 15-20 years, but it can be made to last a lifetime if proactive measures are taken.

Installing a new roof is one of the expensive decisions of your going to make. To ensure you reach to a sound decision, it is advisable to consider all the factors so that you make right use of your money. It is not always necessary to install a new roof. If the cost of repairs/replacements exceeds the cost of new roof, then it makes sense to replace your roofs. Because even if you get your roof repaired, they may not last longer. You can always take the help of residential roofers in Austin to seek advice related to your roofs. They would suggest you suitable steps to be taken to keep your roofs in the tip top condition.

It is a good idea to inspect your roofs on a regular basis, particularly if you live in areas where there are adverse climatic conditions. You can either inspect the condition of your roofs on your own or call professionals. If you are not acquainted what to look for in a roof or squeamish of heights, it is always suggested to call the professionals. The professionals would check the flashings for damage or inadequate coverage. They will check for leak signs, dark spots, moisture stains, sagging sheathing, unsound areas, accumulation of granules. The shingles are also inspected for leaks and cracks.

When you plan to install a new roof system for your house, a number of factors are considered, cost and durability of the company, being the most important ones. The right roof system for your home balances the various aspects of your house. There are a number of roofing designs and materials available in the market, that you may choose according to your needs and personal choices. When you install a new roof, you should pay attention towards the care and maintenance of your roofs so that they can be maintained for years to come.

Since the roofing system of your house is a crucial aspect of your property, therefore, it makes sense to get in touch with experienced residential roofers in Austin who would advise you on the best roofing solutions for your homes. Taking advantage of their knowledge and expertise, you can make your roofs last longer and hence live with peace and integrity when you have a safe and strong roofs.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing is fast gaining popularity because of the various benefits. The National Roofing Contractor’s Association has conducted studies that indicate that over the last ten years homeowners and homebuilders have increasingly chosen metal as the preferred roofing material. This increased demand has led to a greater distribution of metal roofing material in the market.

Today’s metal roofing is very different from the roofs of the tin sheds and barns of the past. You can now install metal roofs that are very attractive and come in a variety of designer shapes, colors and material. Latest technology has allowed many novel qualities like thermal reflectivity, increased corrosion resistance and weight reduction to be imparted to metal roofing. These roofs are fire resistant and extremely durable. Once installed, metal roofs can last up to the life of the building. They seal out water very effectively and are able to shed snow very easily. Being strong and rigid, they are able to resist high winds and rot, mold, mildew and pests/insects as well. Their longevity is supported by strong warranties of twenty to fifty years provided by metal roofing manufacturers.

With the use of new technology and material like aluminum, zinc, and other alloys used for manufacturing metal roofing, the overall weight has reduced considerably. It thus exerts much less strain on the roof structure. Some extremely lightweight metal shingles can be applied to an existing roof without tearing it down. This way it lends added support to the existing structure and provides an impressive ‘new look’ roof without any substantial gain in weight.

Thermal reflective coating on metal roofing allows very little heat from the sun to radiate into the interior of the building during the daytime. During nighttime they also let less heat escape through the roof, greatly increasing energy efficiency and help to substantially cut down energy bills.

To provide aesthetic appeal metal roofs can be made to resemble a variety of different roofing materials. Available in a number of textures and colors, metal roofs look beautiful and can be integrated into buildings incorporating all types of architectural designs and color schemes.

Metal roofs require much less time for installation as compared to other type of roofs. This lets the job be satisfactorily completed within a relatively short time and at a much lesser cost. Contractors, laborers etc. disturb the privacy of the occupants of the house for a shorter time too.

However, like any other roof, metal roofs also have some disadvantages, which should be considered before deciding to install one. The first disadvantage is the high cost of installation. The high cost however can be justified if the homeowner plans to occupy the house for a long period.

The process of installation is also complex requiring professional services for proper installation. Possibility of leaks also exists in case panel joints are not made watertight or in case the screws are not properly fixed. If the roof is not securely fastened, it can suffer wind damage. A metal roof can be quite noisy with the drumming of rainfall and hail. Flying hail and debris can also cause damage to the roof by denting and scratching.

Metal Roofing: Advantages & Benefits

Metal roofing is a growing choice of roofing material. Metal roofing accounts for about 10-14% of all re-roofing jobs in the United States. Metal roofs are most popular in Southeastern states, like Florida, where tropical storms are a threat. There are several reasons why metal roofs are growing in popularity. First, homeowners are not as transient as they used to be. More and more homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes as they age. Since metal roofs can last more than five decades, homeowners who choose metal roofs know that they won’t need to replace it again. Other reasons include the strength and protection which metal roofs provide, and the greater design options available with meal roofing materials.

Federal Tax Credits for Metal Roofing

If you install a metal roof before December 31, 2010, you may be eligible for a Federal tax credit. You can receive a tax credit for 30% of the cost (up to $1500) for Energy Star metal roofs with pigmented coatings. Before you choose a metal roof, ask your roofer if it contains pigmented coatings. Pigmented coatings increase the energy efficiency of metal roofs.


Metal roofs last the longest of any roofing material. Most metal roofing manufacturers offer 50 year warranties for their products. With just a little maintenance, metal roofs can last up to 75 years.

Strength & Durability Benefits

Metal roofs withstand all weather conditions, from large amounts of heavy snow, to hail and high winds. Metal roofs do not rot, which eliminates the possibility for insect damage. Additionally, metal roofs do not absorb water and moisture, crack or peel. They are also resistant to mildew and decay.

Cost Benefits

Metal roofs cost more than most other roofing types. The average costs for metal roofs are: steel shingles – $5,000-$22,000; aluminum shingles – $12,000-$24,000; copper shingles – $25,500 – $39,600. There are many variables that will determine the cost of a new metal roof, including size, material, pitch, accessibility, permits and any special labor costs associated with your roofing project. Homes with metal roofs are known for their higher resale values.

Safety Benefits

One of the greatest advantages of metal roofs is that they are fire-resistant. Unlike wood or asphalt shingled roofs, metal roofs do not burn, adding an additional level of protection for homeowners.

Environmental Benefits

There are several factors that make metal roofing environmentally-friendly. Most metal roofs can be installed over an existing roof. Installing a metal roof over an existing roof eliminates waste from a roof tear-off which would otherwise end up in a landfill. Metal roofs are often made from recycled material, and metal roof materials can be recycled.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs reflect the sun and block heat transmission from the roof to the interior of a house. A pigment coated metal roof is more energy efficient because it creates a cooler home, due to the reflective pigments within in the finish.

Design Benefits

There are many color choices and design schemes available in metal roofing materials. Painted metal is available in almost any color. There are two types of metal roofs: standing seam metal roofs and corrugated metal roofs. Standing seam metal roofs are made up of interlocking metal panels that are placed vertically from the ridge of the roof to the eaves. Corrugated metal roofing is corrugated or rippled sheets of metal. These two metal roof types create different appearances. Depending on your design preference, you can choose the wavy appearance of a corrugated metal roof or the flat, vertical appearance of standing seam metal roofing.

Roofing Parts and Terminology

Parts of a Roof / Roofing Terminology

Built-up Roof
A low-slope (or flat-seeming) roof covered with alternating layers of roofing felt and hot-mapped asphalt and topped off with a layer of gravel.
The portion of the roof projecting out from the side walls of the house.
The flashing which is imbedded at its top in a wall or other vertical structure and is lapped down over shingle flashing.
Horizontal rows of shingles or tiles.
The surface, usually plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), to which roofing materials are applied.
A small structure projecting from a sloped roof, usually with a window.
Drip Edge
An L-shaped strip (usually metal) installed along roof edges to allow water run off to drip clear of the deck, eaves and siding.
The lower edge of a roof (usually overhanging beyond the edge of the house).
Trimboard behind the gutter and eaves.

The “tar paper” used by roofer, usually made of a combination of asphalt and either paper or rags.

Fire Rating
System for classifying the fire resistances of various materials. Roofing materials are rated Class A, B or C, with Class A materials having the highest resistance to fire originating outside the structure.
Sheet metal or other material used at junctions of different planes on a roof to prevent leakage.
Frieze Board
A Board at the top of the house’s siding, forming a corner with the soffit.
The triangular upper part of a wall closing the end of a ridged roof.
The external angle at the junction of two sides of a roof whose supporting walls adjoin.
In a flat roof, a horizontal structural member over which sheathing is nailed.
Slatted devices installed in a gable or soffit (the underside of eaves) to ventilate the space below a roof deck and equalize air temperature and moisture.
Oriented strand board (OSB)
Roof deck panels (4 by 8 feet) made of narrow bits of wood, installed lengthwise and crosswise in layers, and held together with a resin glue. OSB often is used as a substitute for plywood sheets.
Vents, pipes, stacks, chimneys-anything that penetrates a roof deck.
A structural member (usually slanted) to which sheathing is nailed.
The slanting edge of a gabled roof extending beyond the end wall of the house.
The horizontal line at the top edge of two sloping roof planes.
The rigid material (often on inch by six inch or one inch by 12 inch boards or sheets of plywood) which is nailed to the rafters, and to which shingles or other outside roofing materials are secured.
Shingle Flashing
Flashing that is laid in strips under each shingle and bent up the edge of a chimney or wall.
The number of inched of vertical rise in a roof per 12 inches of horizontal distance. Also referred to as pitch.
The boards that enclose the underside of that portion of the roof which extends out beyond the sidewalls of the house.
One hundred square feet of roof, or the amount of roofing material needed to cover 100 square feet when properly applied.
Engineered components that supplement rafters in many newer homes and buildings. Trusses are designed for specific applications and cannot be cut or altered.
The material (usually roofing felt) laid on top of sheathing before shingles are applied.
The less-than 180-degree angle where two sloping roof sections come together.
Valley Flashing
The flashing in valleys, extending in under to shingles on both sides.
Vapor Retarder
A material designed to restrict the passage of water vapor through a roof system or wall.

Roofing:The Best Way to Protect Your Area

Covering the uppermost part of the building is known as a roofing. The building and its contents are protected from the harsh effects of the weather. The roof also protect against rain, heat, sunlight and wind depending upon the nature of the building. Roofing can also be used on a garden conservatory to protect it against wind and rain. The elements in designing the roof are:

1) The material
2) The construction
3) The durability

Generally, banana leaves, wheaten straw or sea grass, laminated grass, aluminum sheeting and precast concrete etc. can be used as a roofing material. Ceramic tile have also been the predominant roofing material in many countries for centuries.

Metal Roofing
There are several benefits of a perfectly made metal roofing. If someone is replacing roof, then choosing a metal roofing is always a viable option. Metal roofing either have a flat or steep roof line offering durability that is hard to match that is why it is opted as best for homes. There are several Roofing Contractors that offer high quality, astonishing designs and high on functionality metal roofing solutions. Though there are many benefits of metal roofing, there are some disadvantages as well that it is expensive than the traditional asphalt roofing. Only an efficient and professional Warehouse Contractors can provide the best quality roofing solutions that cater to diverse industries.

Types of Metal Roofing
There are many metal roofing options in the market to choose from. These include tin, zinc, aluminum, copper and galvanized steel. Roof can be customized to enhance the durability and style while reducing the price as per the needs of the customers. Most other roofing options do not offer as much variety as metal roofing. Metal roofs reflects solar heat and can cut back on cooling costs immensely, it is regarded as energy efficient roofing type

Longevity and durability are the main factor that is considered by most home owners when looking for a perfect roofing option. Depending upon the metal material that is opted, metal roofs last between 40 to 70 years. This type of  metal roofing is much longer than the traditional asphalt that lasts from 10 to 20 years. In case one is looking for longevity, metal roofing is the better option for residents. If metal roofing is opted, customers do not have to worry about maintenance. There are several leading Warehouse Contractors that can offer quality services and products to fulfill the needs of customers. These contractors specialize in offering roofing solutions for warehouses, an important domain these days, assure that metal roofing will not go up into flames in the event of a lightning strike.

Pre- Engineering Buildings(PEB) Structures
PEB (Pre- Engineering Buildings) is another kind of roofing solution. It is structural engineering that is designed either by a PEB supplier or manufacturer. To make such structures, one needs to have the best raw material to produce an astonishing work of art. These services can be availed from some of the best roofing contractors in India that provide professional services to clients as per their needs. PEB has a low initial cost and requires low maintenance.
Roots Fabs Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading roofing contractors in Chennai. Since 2000, they are specialists in industrial building construction, auditoriums, warehouses, mezzanine floor structures and other related structural works and have finished their projects all over India successfully. Having their own technical team for design and analysis, they execute the projects wherever the location is, through their fully trained crews.

Metal Roofing Need for Extra Durability for Your Dwelling Place

Roof Report: What is that Black Stuff on My Roof?

What is that black stuff on my roof? Is this a question you commonly ask yourself or find yourself asking others? Tim McLoughlin, president of KTM Roofing, a leading Atlanta roofing company, can provide you the answer. As founder of KTM Roofing in 1984, Tim McLoughlin has been roofing Atlanta for more than 25 years and is a roofing expert—from roof cleaning to roof maintenance. In this article, Tim will share his knowledge about a common problem that affects many roofs in the metro Atlanta area – the black stuff on your roof.

Whether your roof is young or old, when you see black stuff on it, chances are you are looking at Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae that feeds on the crushed limestone used in the asphalt shingles of your roof. Gloeocapsa Magma is carried onto your roof by the wind where it then starts to grow and take hold. Rain spreads the algae down the roof causing the all too familiar black streaks. Like any plant, the
rainwater aids in the algae’s growth.

Aside from the obvious effect black streaking can have on the beauty of a roof, algae can prevent your roof from performing one of its most important jobs—reflecting the radiant heat from the sun off the roof. When the roof is covered by algae, the heat is not reflected off the roof and is trapped into the attic. Given the heat of Atlanta summers, this can have a huge effect on cooling costs.

Why Should You Have Your Roof Cleaned?

If handled early on, professional roof cleaning can be the solution to the black stuff on your roof. However, if left too long, algae will cause your roof to rapidly deteriorate and fail long before it should.

The November 2009 issue of Roofing Contractor magazine included an insightful article about maintaining a roof in a proactive versus reactive way. The piece, Why Roof Maintenance Pays discusses how a reactive roof owner, an owner who waits to deal with their roof after problems have manifested their way into the house, can spend nearly double on their roof and shorten their roof’s life by almost half.

“According to data gathered in a 15-year alliance between Firestone Building Products and ProLogis, with a proactive maintenance schedule in place, the average life-cycle cost is 14 cents per square foot. The average reactive maintenance life-cycle costs are 25 cents per square foot. A roofing system with proactive maintenance can have an average roof life of 21 years compared to 13 years with a reactive maintenance program, depending on the roofing system and building type.”

Cleaning Cannot Fix a Broken Roof: How to Determine if You Need a New Roof

In many cases, the black stuff may be more than algae. If your roof is more than 10 years old, a certified, professional Atlanta roofer, should be called upon to inspect your roof.

Indications that it may be time to replace your roof include:

  • Shingle granules in your rain gutters
  • Thin shingles
  • Shingles falling off the roof
  • Deteriorating or crumbling shingles
  • Wavy or warping shingles
  • Shingles curling up in the corners

An Atlanta roofing contractor, KTM Roofing has been raising roofing standards in Georgia since 1984. Incorporated in 1995, the Atlanta roofing company is dedicated to excellence in professional roofing. Specializing in roof replacements, KTM Roofing can work with a variety of roof materials including natural slate, synthetic slate, clay tile, concrete tile, cedar, pine, cypress, modified bitumen and asphalt. To receive a roof proposal from KTM Roofing, please visit or call 678-565-ROOF (7663).

Conklin Review – Is Conklin A Scam, Or Is Conklin legit?

In my Conklin review, I would first like to answer the obvious question.  No, Conklin Company is not a scam.  However, this does not mean that the business opportunity that Conklin offers is going to be the best business choice for just anyone.  In this Conklin review, I am going to take a closer look at this opportunity; so that you can make an informed decision regarding Conklin being your best choice as a home based business.

Conklin is a multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity that markets animal supplements, crop management products, health and wellness products, home cleaning products, lawn care solutions, roofing systems, sealants and coatings, and lastly vehicle products.

As a Conklin Independent Business Owner, you will receive commissions for every product that you sell on their behalf.  As you recruit new members into your downline, you will benefit from their production as well.

Your Conklin business will have one major advantage over many other MLM businesses that exist in the market place today.  Your business will not be dependent solely upon your family and friends to purchase your products, and join your business.  You will have the added benefit of selling to large commercial accounts related to livestock, pet companies, and other commercial and retail businesses.

If you decide to join Conklin, my only word of advice is this.  Find one or only a few products that you are passionate about, and can see yourself building a business around.  If you are passionate about roofing, focus on roofing products.  If you are passionate about animals, only sell the products that Conklin offers related to animals.  Choose your niche market, and stay with it.  You see, Conklin offers so many products that are related to many different industries and markets.  Someone who is new in their Conklin business can quickly feel overwhelmed, and will never become the dependable product expert that customers can rely on if they sell a little of everything.

In my opinion, Conklin is a legitimate business opportunity for the right kind of person.  This person will need to have a strong desire to participate in a direct selling industry such as this one.  Conklin is a very unusual company as to the diversity of products that they offer, but if you feel that you have what it takes to create success in a Conklin business of your own, then Conklin has a good reputation to partner with.

Negotiation Technique: Knowing How Roofers Estimate Cost

Homeowners are not usually thrilled in getting new sets of shingles. This is because most of them only see roofing replacement needs as additional abstractions from their household budgets. Even though they know and appreciate the value of safe and well-conditioned roofs, they still find it hard to expend cash for their home crowns. Thankfully, there are professional groups, such as the roofers Chicago residents trust that let their customers be aware of all items in every computation.

Essentially, knowing how these skilled workers calculate costs for roofing can allow homeowners to budget correctly, and suggest other possible options to the contractors. For instance, they can recommend the usage of more affordable yet durable materials, and if possible, they can push for repairs instead of total renovations. Homeowners can negotiate with their roofers if they have a full understanding of the entire computation process.

Roofing estimates involve three important aspects: roofing measurement, cost of materials, and labor charges. In some cases, there are special considerations that also affect the total sum. Even though roofing contractors employ jargons and overwhelming dimensions most of the time, customers are still compelled to catch up, to constantly ask questions, and to get a full grasp of the whole replacement plan. In that way, they can effectively monitor expenses and possible results.

Homeowners must be involved when roofers take the necessary measurements, but of course, it is not enough for them to know which measures what. Instead, they must know the indication of each quantified item. Usually, the contractors feed clients with details, such as the amount of underlayment needed, as well as the number of construction fasteners required. Estimations are seldom accurate; nevertheless, it is important to arrive at honest measurements that only a roofing company Chicago homeowners trust can provide.

Aside from the dimensions, materials also play a vital role. The type and number of new shingles required will determine a majority of the total costs. Accordingly, when homeowners demand for a more elaborate or updated roofing system, then they should expect a higher expense.

In roofing Joliet IL homes, owners must choose only the best and the most reputable roofing companies that the state takes pride in. These professional workers sure know how to estimate with honesty, and allow their customers to be aware of the entire roofing plans. Above all, they charge the most reasonable labor costs for the qualit

Why Choose Art-Loc® Roofing Shingles

The roof is one of the main exterior components of a home. It makes a huge impact on the home’s natural beauty. An attractive roof says a lot about a home and its owner. It shows the owner takes pride in their residence and cares about the overall appearance of the neighborhood. With so many types of asphalt shingles like shake-style, slate-style and three tab, how do you decide which material and style will fit your needs?

The three factors of shingle selection most important to a homeowner are the look, features and price. If uniqueness is also critical, nothing is more eye-catching then the interlocking, diamond-shaped Art-Loc® asphalt shingle, only available from Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractors.

The look of Art-Loc® shingles are stunning. The diamond pattern creates an elegant appeal that easily mesmerizes on-lookers. Complimenting virtually any house style, Art-Loc® shingles are certain to be a beautiful addition to your home. Art-Loc® shingles come in a variety of gorgeous colors that are sure to make you fall in love. The charmingly unique appeal of Art-Loc® is unmatched by any traditional shingles and will turn heads.

Art-Loc® has a long list of features which add value to the shingles. With the interlocking design, you can be positive the shingles will fit tightly together, creating a seal that will keep the rain out. Art-Loc® asphalt shingles are infused with SBS to create an elastic network that provides unprecedented flexibility, durability and water resistance. The durability gained from the SBS was essential to earning a coveted UL Class 4 Impact rating, meaning reduced damage caused by hail.

Art-Loc® shingles are able to withstand winds and driving rain up to 80 mph. Algae and fire resistance are also superior when compared to other asphalt shingles. Finally, Art-Loc® comes with a 30-Year manufacturer’s limited warranty and a 10-Year Free Service guarantee against leaks by Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractors.

Sherriff-Goslin Co., the creator of Art-Loc®, covers all of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Also, every roofing project is different and should be inspected before an estimated price will be available. Visit to request a FREE roof inspection and estimate today.

Metal Roofing – Advantages & Benefits

Metal roofing, a growing choice of roofing material. Metal ceiling of about 10-14% of all jobs in the United States re-roofing. They are popular in the southeastern states, such as Austin, where tropical storms are a threat. There are more reasons to grow in popularity. First of all, the price of real estate will come and that it is not used to be members. More and more buyers are choosing in their tents, as in age. Because I can not be more than five decades, they did not know, who has chosen that place, the price of real estate needs. Other reasons, which include and give strength to the protection of, and covered it with the meal plan of the greater disappointment and failure.

If you install a hidden metal December 31, 2010, to be eligible for federal tax. You can take a tax credit for 30% of the cost (up to $ 1500) for the energy star metal roofs with pigmented coating. Ask your choice, too, roofing roofer it contain pigmented coatings. Pigmented coatings to increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

Longer any metal covered with hard bodies. Most manufacturers offer a 50 year warranties for their products. And lasts up to 75 years of meager food.

Metal roofs to resist all weather conditions, from the snow, is a great and high, and a storm wind. Do not rot, which excludes the possibility of damage to the animal. Unfortunately, does not absorb water and moisture, crack, or peel. There are also against rust and decay.

Metal roofs are covered with a cost more than most of the other categories. The average costs are: shingles, steel – $ 5,000- $ 22,000; aluminum shingles – $ 12,000- $ 24,000; copper shingles – $ 25,500 – $ 39,600. To determine the magnitude of the cost of a new metal roof of the variables it is also There are many who matter and the pitch, the facility, with overlaid allow You to save labor costs of the project. Stress metal roofs are known higher resale values.

There is one thing, the roof of which is of the greatest advantages of the metal fire-resistant. Unlike wood or asphalt shingled roofs, they do not burn, adding an additional level of protection of the price of real estate.

There are many reasons, which make the metal covered with environmentally-friendly, and among these most of all a being can be installed on the roofs. Installing a roof hatches waste metal roofing austin over existing roof tear-off, which would otherwise end up in a landfill. Often Recycled of matter, and the matter of the roof can be recycled metal.

Reflects the sun’s heat to the metal in the inner court the acts and the transmission of the roofs of the house. Pigment coated metal roof is that it creates the energy efficient at home for the end of the cold in the middle of the pigments consideration.

And the color of design choices, there are a number of plans available in the material of the metal covered. Color is usually painted metal. There are two types of metal roofs: and corrugated standing customer. Total of frames made of metal directly from the ridge to the eaves of the roof of Argos. Corrugated metal roofing is corrugated metal sheets or rippled. These two dimensions will create diverse. Depending on your plan, more importantly, you can choose a roof of corrugated or undulate form of breathing, as it were, the appearance of the vertical standing seam roofing.

Transition Roofing Company Austin has followed these principles from inception, the results of following these guidelines can be seen in the success of every job we have completed. We will continue to be an industry leader though continued education and innovation in service, workmanship and energy efficiency.

Hiring a Certified Roofing Contractor

If you have an old or outdated roof, many people will have a hard time looking past it or envisioning it as anything but old and ugly. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a certified roofing contractor in Fort Myers, FL.

Eye Sore

Whenever you come home, you notice the exterior of your home. If you have loose or missing shingles, your home can become an eye sore. A new roof can give your home a facelift, and it also improves the curb appeal. If you ever do decide to move, this will help when potential buyers come to view your home.

Potential Leaks

You might think a new roof is too expensive. However, if you have missing or damaged shingles, you can run into much bigger and more expensive problems down the road. Leaks lead to mold and other wood decay issues. In order to avoid the added expenses of remedying water damage, it makes sense to be proactive and replace your roof when needed.

Once you’ve determined you need to replace or repair your roof, there are several things you should consider when hiring a roofing professional.

Certified Contractor

It is helpful to verify that a potential roofing contractor has the required business and contractor license for your city and state. These licenses give someone a tax identification number and business name. This type of license also ensures the contractor has passed a test and is qualified to do roofing work.

Verify References

You can get a good idea of the kind of work a roofing company does by asking for references. Sometimes the best referrals are done by word of mouth. When companies do a good job, happy customers talk about their experience. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors for roofing contractor referrals. One additional resource is to check with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. When people are unhappy with a contractor’s work, they can file complaints about the company with the BBB.

Research Options

There are different types of roofs and techniques for replacing your existing roof. Some companies will offer the option of placing a new roof over an old one. This might be a tempting option for you; however, this doesn’t address potential issues beneath the old roof. You could have additional structural issues that need to be fixed under the old roof. If you choose to just put a new roof over the old one, you might end up paying more for repairs down the road.

Understand the Contract

Before you agree to hire a roofing company, you need to understand the contract. There can be hidden fees, service charges, and taxes not included with your quote. A reputable roofing company will also offer a warranty on a new roof. There are circumstances and conditions to warranties and some things that might void the warranty. This is why it is important to understand the terms and conditions of everything you sign so there are not any surprises.

Good Investment

In the event that you do decide to sell your home, a new roof might be the determining factor in a potential buyer choosing your home over another. Roofs are expensive, and people prefer ones that have a lot of life left in them.

If you are interested in getting a new roof, call a certified roofing contractor in Fort Myers, FL for more information.